Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis yesterday. I am due to start methotrexate tomorrow and have no idea what to expect. I already suffer from Fibromyalgia which I had been seeing the Rheumatologist for. I knew though that my symptoms were changing rapidly. Any advice would be appreciated. I do use the forum on the Fibromyalgia page and have had so much help fro the forum members one of whom kindly pointed me in this direction. I am quite new to that forum but have been pleasantly surprised.

I am trying not to get myself into a state of anxiety but I am feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost at the moment, it is all very frightening. Sending love x

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  • Love to you be strong and positive I've been on mtx since 2002 & still going with good & bad times, keep upbeat no negative fibes you will get through this 👍

  • Hi Lizzy welcome I wrote my ra story here remember do your research follow it up check with your doctor what you can expect from your medications also I suggest you look into low dose naltrexone but as I said do your research stay positive

  • Deep breath😜The good news is, you now know what you are dealing with. It may take time to find a treatment that works for you. Having a good relationship with Rheumy is helpful as well. Best of luck . Also caught it early means better chance a achieving remission.

  • Expect the Methotrexate to work and relive your symptoms in a month or so. Don't expect side effects, as most people don't have any.

    It is scary to start with, but it does all become quite normal in time. Just look after yourself, a bit of pampering, good food, exercise and sleep...

  • Hi there!

    I've neen on Mtx for 4 months now. The first 3 months were good,just had to rest well the day after taking my weekly dose. However,for anout a month now I've been experiencing severe nausea (likea pregnancy morning sickness which takes days to get rid of) and Ive read its usually the case with this medication. Otherwise i think in terms of overall testament it is doing the job well.

    My symptoms have improved somewhat.

    I have an appointment with my doc in 2 days time and hopefully he can advise me on what to do with feeling sick after taking the meds. Good luck to you!!

  • Welcome to this support group Lizzy. I know how scary mtx and RA is, we all do. The best advice I can give you is to take a deep breath and allow your doctor to guide you through this difficult time. Soon you will be emotionally strong enough to understand RA and please know that it is not a death sentence. Once you find the right cocktail of meds, along with a healthy diet, you will be fine.

    Please remember to drink plenty of water on your mtx day. I have discovered that drinking water prevents any headaches.

    All the best to you


  • Hi i totally understand your concerns following a diagnoses it immediatly creates so much uncertainty but really there is little to be too concerned about you can learn very much and keep posting on the forum because people on here are all sufferers and understand better than anyone,

    I have gained many friends since i was diagnosed and the forum really helps i can ask questions and get straight answers were you may ask the same question to the medical pros and they will dance around it.

    The main thing for you is to work with the consultant to achieve the correct medication that works best for you and then managing the condition just like one of the previous posters said try to get rest and relaxastion and try and find the right balance, Remember we are all here to help each other, As i found out its good to talk.

    I wish you all the luck in the world

  • A good place to start to find out more is the NRAS website - lots of balanced information about the disease and it's treatment and management.

  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, this is a great comfort to me, it means the world having someone who understands, I will take on board all the advice and comforting words. Wishing you all a lovely weekend . Lots of love x

  • Hi, sending hugs first of all x

    I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and its taking a while to sink in but trying to remain positive. It is such a huge thing to get your head around. I read lots on the advice of my consultant, but being mindful where I got the info. This site and Arthritis Research UK have lots of good info. Like you, I fell my symptoms suddenly gathered pace at quite an alarming rate, that there was something new each day. Started on MTX on Wednesday, 10mg, and have been pleasantly surprised. I had got it into my head that I would have all sorts of horrors happening over the next 48 hours, but short of a little light headedness, mild tiredness and feeling a little spaced out (in a good way!) I have been fine. I took the tablets half way through my meal to "sandwich" it! No idea if that makes a difference! I also asked the doctor, when I was there on Wednesday for a steroid shot as I was really concerned with my worsening symptoms, mainly it was becoming more difficult to walk because of pain and some of my fingers were unable to straighten or bend. They gave me a shot and I am now more "able bodied", though the pain remains.

    I am just going to take each dose at a time and continue to devour this site!!!

    I also managed to get along to one of the NRAS support groups this week, which was really useful.

    Try not to worry - you will come out the other side.



  • Yes as someone has said it is not a life sentence. There is a lot of help for this condition and you don't need to be fearful. You will get used to RA and learn to live with it. I have been fine on Methotrexate for over 6 years and it was a lifeline to me. Now I have a biological drug alongside meth. and I am sure I am better than I would have been without these drugs. Good luck! X

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