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Hello, hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday sunshine!

Recently I have been unable to eat a meal without feeling sick & bloated. I eat relatively healthy and have tried to stick to a plain diet. But over the past few weeks even the smallest bit of food has upset my stomach.

I have done some research and during a bad flare up your stomach can also be affected?

Does anyone have experience of this??

I am booked in with the GP tomorrow to get a blood test and see if I have become intolerant to certain foods. A bit fed of of feeling constantly bloated and nauseas.

Any meal suggestions would be appreciated! I'm getting a bit bored of omelettes (haha only thing I seem to be able to eat)!!

Thank you xx

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Hey yes true meat is make feeling worse... i am half vegetarian already half year and my flares getting better. I am eating only once per week chicken breast. Mostly fish and veggies. Helps me


Plain yoghurt with freshly stewed apple plus a little ginger is nice and fresh (I don't add sugar as I like the sharpness but if you don't add a few dried cranberries or raisins when cooking). Also, once the bloods are done, it might be worth considering taking slippery elm in the morning - but not with meds as it can interfere with med absorbsion.

All the best



I've had problems with with 'stomach' pain for years, once a month I was doubled over with pain for days. Went through various meds to try and calm it, had 2 fibroscopies and a colonoscopy which showed nothing wrong. Eventually, I linked it to my medication (I'm now on my 4th Biologic) and how it affects my liver, so now do a liver detox once a month with a natural product bought from a local Bio store, and touch-wood it has worked. I admit that I don't eat too much meat, but never have.


I used to take Aloe Vera juice when I was on Sulphasalazine and then Methotrexate before I switched to injecting and I was taking lots of painkillers which set my tummy on edge. Aloe Vera worked very well for me but one always should check with your rheumy if you take supplements even if they seem harmless. I don't take those RA meds anymore. I do drink warm lemon water first thing (boiled then gone cooler) now and I have very little digestion problems. For me the RA was flaring so much and not under good control that my tummy was inflamed. Once RA got under control I had no tummy issues.


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