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can anyone help

hi I live in a little village my normal hospital is 7 miles away and my partner who is the driver is poorly himself but he does his best to get me there but ive now got to go to a appointment that is about 10 to 15 miles away and its to far for him to travel and its on dangerous roads to so I'm asking for help do you know what I have to do to get transport for my appointments ive canceled that many for not being able get there thanks

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I think you need to look for local options, so is there a branch of helping hands in your village? Or ask at the nearest medical centre, or your parish council, or the local WI to see if there are local volunteer schemes. If not you will have to ask about hospital transport - but it can be very time consuming as you usually have to wait hours


thank you so much for your help if I didn't have the desease in my dame feet I could learn to drive myself takeing pressure off my poor partner x



I live in a village too. We do have volunteet drivers and helpers in the village. If not, do you belong to a church or club? Perhaps someone would be kind enough to help?


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