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Stage 3 meeting while being depressed


Hi I wrote in Feb to say I had been to occy health and he said I was not to walk more than 1-1half miles from my home and they had me walking 2 miles with the same calls every day oh by the way I am a Carer I also reduced my hours then I went on holiday from 24 June till 10 July and had swollen legs and they were still swollen when I got home and was off for three weeks.

since I got back to work they were giving me calls up to three miles apart and not the same calls when I was walking from one call three miles and at one end of town to the other and back to another call in the same area as I started and giving me people that are too heavy for meI have been feeling very low since I started back at work ne energy for nothing not sleeping and I am on enough meds to knock out an elephant and very bad migraines and when I got up yesterday had a severe migraine and could hardly walk and the same today I saw the doctor this morning and she said I had depression and that won't help with the pain and she gave me a sick note and I have to go back in two weeks but I can't get an appointment until 11th sept I rang work and the attitude wasn't good.

Then at 215pm this afternoon my manager rang the doorbell with a letter and it said I had a stage 3 meeting for 23rdbnext wed when my husband came home I just burst into tears went mad saying they should not be contacting me let alone knocking at the door while I have depression he rang my union my Union rep is off till next week and they are cancelling the meeting and my rep would ring me next week

Sorry to send a long post I know you are so kind and has anybody been through any of the same or anything like I work for my county council

Many thanks for any replies


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Oh Dotty i am so so sorry they are treating you like this and it is a good thing your hubby was there. He needs to ring your work and tell them they are not to contact you while your off sick.Hugs darling not everyone is like your company.xxxx


I can't help you I'm afraid Dotty but I'm sure if there's someone with similar experience they will be along. I just wanted to say don't worry, try not to get yourself too worked up, it won't help your stress levels which in turn will exacerbate your migraine, worsen your depression & of course RD doesn't cope well with stress. There's nothing can be done until your Union Rep returns, you have a sick note for a fortnight & they've cancelled/deferred your meeting so try to settle, have a cuppa & most of all don't worry. Seems to me you've a case in point for unfair working of conditions if your Manager has been informed you've to not walk further than you've told us yet your route/requirement is of further distance & also if they've been informed of the weight conditions they're failing in ensuring your safety.

Take care & I hope someone here (or CAB maybe?) is able to help with similar experience.


I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I'm unimpressed at your manager turning up at your home, that's a complete no-no but good that you have a union on board. Have you spoken to ACAS for advice? They are super helpful, even if you have a union rep, just to give general advice.

When you're feeling a bit stronger, it might be worth having a look at your sick policy just to cover all bases and make sure they are doing what it right. Unfortunately, even big organisations do not always adhere to policy and it takes someone to be on the ball. This might be something your husband can help with if it's all too much.

Be kind to yourself and do something nice to distract away from all this because you need to focus on you and your health for a little while.


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