Actual patches side by side

Actual patches side by side


Hi,seeing as I had plenty spare,and am due a change later today,I thought I'd open up the two packs so you could get a true image of the size difference - now do you understand when I say I'm confused that both leaflets say their patches have an active area of 37.5cmsq?? To me it just doesn't look feasible when one is considerably smaller than the other?!🤔

Nicki x

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  • If you turned the top patch length ways, would it be the same? The bottom patch has a border around it?


  • Thanks Marie


    It was only after I posted it and actually looked at the picture that I realised the bigger patch has a border around the edge that the smaller one doesn't - hence the same squarage in size. But I needed to put them like this in order to show someone else just how much smaller one make of patch is than the other,even though the dosage is the same,as she was talking about trying to find something more suitable to wear in summer with skimpier tops etc.


  • Gotcha x

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