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After many years of constant aggravated joint pain I was able to get my GP to test for RA and Lupus... tested seropositive for RA and was referred to a rheumatologist nearby who started aggressive treatment. Humidity and excessive heat are my flare triggers so this summer has been aweful! Currently taking methaltrexate 1xweekly by shot 25mg, embral by shot 1xweekly 50mg, and prednisone 15mg tab 1xdaily... the rest are vitamins to make sure I don't ruin my bones, calcium and D3... I am exhausted. I am still working full time as a special needs teacher in a waiver home with adults. Pain meds have been OTC, nothing seems to help the pain in my hands, wrists and elbows, shoulders,,,, all of this is aweful!

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  • Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear you are having a bad time at the moment. How long have you been on the Enbrel? It can take up to 3 months to work. Are you taking folic acid along with the methotrexate? Unfortunately the fatigue won't improve until the RA is under control as it is a symptom of the disease not the medication. Fingers crossed you start to see an improvement soon x

  • Thank you for your reply! Just being listened to is just nice. My family tries to understand but I'm sure they're frustrated as well and missing their once very active wife,mom, grandma, friend, etc. I've only just recently started the Enbrel. 5th dose is tomorrow. Guess I was hoping to be one of those "works as soon as two weeks" patients, haha. I do take leucovorin calcium the day after methaltrexate, which seems to be doing what it's supposed to.

  • Hi and welcome

    Sorry to hear that things are feeling difficult for you. As Ruth said, it dies take a while for meds to take effect.

    In terms of pain management, might it be worth speaking to your gp in terms of getting analgesic and anti inflammatory ? For pain , I myself take tramadol ( oxycodone when bad) and arcoxia .

    Wishing you the best going forward .


  • Will ask about the tramadol.. some relief would be wonderful! I've ordered CBD oil. My sister in law swears by it for pain and anxiety. Don't know much about it, only that it doesn't contain THC and is supposed to help naturally. Thank you for listening : )

  • Skbladt, I know exactly how you feel. I have arthritis in my hands and other parts of my body as well . I've yet to find anything that will help me with the pain I have on a daily basis. I lost grip in my right hand and dropped what I was holding at the time, luckily it wasn't glass. Mine is also in my spine as welland hurts to stand for a long period of time. Its in voth the ypper and lower part of my spine. I feel like it'scrippling me and will eventually loose my mobility. I find the only way I can get comfortable enough is when I'm sitting down. Hopefully you'll find what will work for you . Good luck.

  • I was affected first in my right hand as well! That was what caused me to go back to the dr and ask for help. I was dropping things and having horrible pain and strange tightening in my right arm, almost like wearing a tight blood pressure cuff at times. The rheumatologist explained that was the RA flare causing inflammation in my shoulder, which affected my whole arm. Still is awful most of the time. I worry about mobility all the time. Just used to being so active and now everything has changed so much. I keep moving forward and doing what my rheumatologist suggests, but can't help but think is any of this really helping? Just forcing myself to keep moving is hard some days. Hang in there! I hope better days are ahead! Thank you for listening : )

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