Humera with methotrexate same day?

I have been on Methotrexate for 7 months with a bit of improvement; however my doctor prescribed Humera but I forgot to ask her if supposedly taken both together at the same day or they should be taken in different days?? Does it relate to Folic Acid as methotrexate?? Because I am taking two pills two days after the methotrexate. I would really appreciate your reply

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  • By the way Humera to be taken is the injection

  • I too was on mtx and Humira. When I started Humira my Rheumy nurse told me I had to wait 48 hours after taking mtx to inject Humira. I took my mtx on a sunday and took Humira on the wednesday.

    I used to take the Humira out of the fridge at least 30minutes before using to warm up slightly. I took an antihistamine 30minutes before. Also Rheumy nurse said to use different areas to inject (thats if you are injecting mtx). I used my tummy area for Humira and top of the thighs for mtx. You do what feels good for you, BUT remember to alternate the injection site each time. Hope all goes well for you.

  • Many thanks dear for your reply; it really helped me; how about the folic acid? When do you take it?

  • I take folic acid 4 days a week: Tuesday through to Friday

  • I take Mtx and weekly enbrel injections. I'm not sure that I was ever advised as to how/ when to take them in relation to time between but I've always taken them two days apart. Folic acid, I take every day apart from the day I take Mtx,

    Never any issues.


  • Up until recent weeks, I have been on both humira and methotrexate

    You definitely don't do the same day but I have always I done the following day. Humira gives me insomnia, so I have been injecting on a Thursday morning and methotrexate on Friday evening.

    As for folic acid, it depends on your dose. I take one tablet every day except methotrexate day which is a Friday for me.

    Hope this helps.

  • Great that's very helpful. Thank you for ur reply

  • Hi. Yes they all need to be taken 48 hours apart. I take my methotrexate on a Monday, Humira on Wednesdays and Folic acid on Fridays. Hope it all works for you.

  • So the Folic Acid should be taken before the Methotrexate if it's taken once a week?? Or after? I am really confused

  • My Naturopath recommended Liquid Folate in place of Folic acid and I've found it to be much more beneficial. Liquid Folate is more easily absorbed by our bodies, according to my ND.

  • I don't think it matters how you take it, as long as it is 48 hours apart. I had to come off my injections for a while last year, and when I resumed, that's the pattern I ended up with. Hope this helps.

  • 😘

  • Hi

    I have been on meth for over a year now. I've also been on the plaquinal, Humira and now just switched to the Enbrel. I take my meth and the Enbrel every Monday. I have never been told to leave any period of time in between any of these medications. Does anyone know why you possibly should wait in between the meds.?



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