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Hi all hope your day has been a good one and if not hope tomorrow is better! Has anyone taken Duloxetine to help with mood and pain? My rheumatologist seems to think it may be helpful at the moment whilst I'm waiting for a new treatment to work.

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Sadly I had a period of anxiety/depression about 4 years ago.. ...I was prescribed Duloxetine and have been on it ever since. I thought it wasn't helping plus one of the GPs at our local practice told me that was the reason for my rapid weight gain. I decided to stop taking it....BIG mistake! I wept for two days without knowing why and felt terribly 'down' I didn't want to do anything or go any where. I realised I was getting withdrawal symptoms after stopping the duloxetine!

So.....Yes I think they help with depression and anxety BUT be sure to taper off slowly .

Good luck to you :)

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Thank you. I hope you continue to feel well.


Duloxetine is now approved to for arthritis pain and just recently my pain management doctor mentioned that Tramadol, Cymbalta, and NSAIDs are a recommended combination of drugs to help with arthritis. I have been on Cymbalta for almost eleven years now.

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Thank you

Have you had any side effects?

Yes, I have and t was a game changer for me. As a pain reliever it wouldn't cut it on its own, but the improvement in energy, mood and sleep combined with taking the edge off the pain is very good.


I agree with Seenie 100%!

I am wondering what your dosage is Seenie?

Yes, there is something about Tramadol that increases energy. I do try to take my Flexeril before bed without Tramadol because the Tramadol can sometimes keep me awake. But on really ad days, I take two Tramadol with my Cymbalta in the morning and a Flexeril. On not-too-bad days I start with one Tramadol and 1/2 Flexeril. On good days, I can bet by with just my Cymbalta-something which is becoming a rare occurrence.


Hi I was taking duloxetine for a couple of months but they didn't help me my psychiatrist tried several anti depressants. I am now on venlafaxine 300mgs daily. I never had any side effects from any anti depressants

. Hope you find the correct medication.

My name is Carol I am new to this forum, and signed up to get some information on tapering off Duloxetine. As some background I have been on several different anti depressants for 20+ years. Duloxetine was the last, because in addition to my depression I have painful arthritis. I have been on it for about three years.

In the past year it was not helping the depression or arthritis much, so I decided that after 20 years of antidepressents I wanted to try some alternatives. I was taking 40 mg. daily and it has taken me 4 months to taper to 7 mg per day.

For my arthritis I am now taking Solgar #7 supplement and it is helping more than Duloxetine.

If I taper too fast, I get lightheaded, and horrible scary nightmares. I just want to warn users that this type of drug SNRI, NEEDS TO BE TAPERED GRADUALlY! Tons of information online about Cymbalta and how to stop.

It may help to have your Dr prescribe a drug to help why you are tapering.

I have just started for the same reason as you. It has helped with the pain a good deal so I would recommend trying it. As to my anxiety it is early days yet

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