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The nurse from my Pain clinic is suggesting this drug for chronic pain combined with Tramadol . Has anyone taken it for pain. I don't like what I am reading online as I am wondering if there is another agenda here. Because I kept crying, I'm a very weepy person , she kept talking about low mood and suggesting I'm depressed. I am of course depressed by having my entire life virtually dominated by pain, but I'm not depressed with life. It would be great if only I had some pain free time. Codeine can help but the constipation and stomachs upset is almost as bad as the back pain. Oops a ramble !

I just want others experience of this drug drugs .

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I'm so sorry you're living with chronic pain deejames, it's so wearing & certainly no fun. The one that has helped me is eventually is buprenorphine (BuTrans transdermal patches) & so grateful for some relief. My h suffers pain also but his is thought to be diabetic neuropathy. He has had back problems all his adult life which stems from a rugby injury but despite going through the list of Neuro meds (tramadol, amitriptyline, pregabalin, gabapentin, duloxetine) some he had terrible reactions to, others he's not responded to, nobody has been able to determine the root cause. He was attending a pain clinic but now exhausted all their efforts. Even facet joint injections didn't have any effect & the only option open to him now is mindfulness & relaxation techniques. Before this can be considered the pain clinic needed the ok from his GP because of his heart problems but he won't commit & wished him to ask his Cardio Specialist who he's waiting to see to discuss his multiple bypass operation.

Maybe if you're concerned about taking this type of med you could question if mindfulness & relaxation could help you? You can only ask. It may also help with your weepy state which I also understand, it's the pain not depression & lack of sleep exacerbates it to the point you feel so weak everything is an effort.

I really hope something works for you by whichever route & your pain is eased.


Thanks for your kind words


Not sure what you mean by other agenda but hope whichever is prescribed works for you.


I agree with you about depression. My Gp thought I could do with something to take to lift my mood. I spoke to my counsellor about it and she said that while she understood what I was saying, anti-depressants can help you cope. I can't help you on the drug though as I've avoided it so far. Dont know how long I'll hold out!


Hi Deejames

It is not uncommon for anti-depressents to be used to help manage pain (Amitriptyline, for example is commonly used for this). However, if you are concerned, due to the questions they asked, that this is not being prescribed for pain, it is probably worth raising this concern with the GP, to make sure you're having the right medication for the right symptoms.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


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