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Have you had a baby in the last two (ish!) years or are you pregnant?


UCB is looking to better understand the challenges faced by women with auto-immune diseases during pregnancy and early motherhood – from planning their pregnancy through to post-partum planning breastfeeding – and what potential solutions could help address some of these challenges.

To do so they are organising a “co-creation” session with a small number of patients, to listen to your experiences and discuss ideas on how women such are yourself could be (or could have been) better supported through pregnancy and early motherhood.

The session will take place on Thursday, the 10th of August in central London, hosted by UCB with the support of consulting firm Deloitte.

Session details:

Event: Co-creation session

Date: 10th August

Timings: 9:30-16:00

Location: London WC1H 9PN

Attendees: a small number of expectant and newish mothers (4-8), plus 5 session facilitators in from UCB/Deloitte

Target attendees

Women age 18-45

Are pregnant or have been pregnant in the last 5 years (ideally within the last 2)

Have had RA or other type inflammatory arthritis (e.g. AS, PsA) since during their pregnancy or earlier

If this is something you think you might be able to help and you are available on Thursday, the 10th of August in central London please contact gill@nras.org.uk.

If you are unable to arrive for 9:30 am but think you could get to central London by 10:30 am please let us know.

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