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Been having trouble with low blood pressure.

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For the past two months my blood pressure has been around 85/55.was given dobesil and it went back to normal range.It went down again after completing the dose three days ago and am now back on it again.Am not on any other medication as i have been on remission and was taken off mtx 5 months ago.Was so happy since we are planning to start a family God willing from next month.

Is low BP as a result of the RA or it could be something different?

How can the low BP impact on pregnancy?

Anyone with similar experience kindly share am so in need of encouragement right now.

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I wondered if you are a very fit person? My son plays rugby and has blood pressure similar to yours, but it's normal for him. He does have problems with fainting when eg he gets out a bath or drinks alcohol at times.low bp can be more common in athletic people.

I do think you need to chat with your GP and they might want to recheck or do 24 hr bp monitoring.

Also drink plenty of water as dehdration makes things worse.

I would check with your GP now to ask about preconception care, some GPS suggest starting folic acid for example whilst trying, but please check this information is what they still suggest.

Fabulous you are in remission and I'm certain they are happier that your bp is a tad lower than higher. Good luck and phone them tomorrow xxxx

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lubash in reply to allanah

Thanks alot for your reply.Am not athletic or in any sport but i try to be active and walk most of the time.Been on folic for the two months now.will be back to my GP next week.


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I don't know about ra connection but I had low bp during pregnancy . I fainted a lot and was dizzy. I hardly drove my choice as I was scared but otherwise pregnancy was fine xx I now have bp averaging 100 over 60 now but they say its obviously normal for me ..

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Oh and I am so not a fit athletic person just in case you thought I was xxx

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lubash in reply to norfolkjo

I keep praying that its nothing serious,will be getting full check up next month .Am so hopeful just knowing it will all be well despite all the challenges.Thanks for sharing

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allanah in reply to norfolkjo

Ha ha xx

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Look up Addison's disease just in case. Although sometimes low blood pressure is "normal for you", I think other more serious conditions should be excluded.

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My blood pressure is always low...I was told it is like an athletic 30 yr old..... I am 63 and just about walk for exercise.... and just to be awkward, my pulse, eeven at rest is usually 93!

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lubash in reply to lab-lover

Am told low is not bad as long as you dont get any signs of fatigue or dizziness,Was not worried till i fainted and keep getting super fatigued and dizzy.RA and pregnancy scares me as it is, now with low BP am even more worried.

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Its def better than high in pregnancy xx good luck xx

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