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Rheumatoid Factor?


Hello, I'm new here.

Advice needed please.

In 2003 I was tested for rheumatoid factor (RF) and it was 51. Saw Respiratory Consultant about my 'cough' and they 'briefly' mentioned 'hypersensitive lungs'. Got an inhaler but only needed it a very short period of time. No signs of rheumatoid arthritis in joints. The doctor wasn't bothered. In 2014 I was tested again. It was 49! The GP said, its fine. Last year (2016) it was 23.

Now Respiratory consultant seems 'interested' in this although I've been tested for autoimmune diseases and no indicators. I don't have rheumatoid arthritis in my joints.

As I now have a diagnosis of non-specific Interstitial pneumonitis (not pneumonia) and things I've read seem to mention autoimmune diseases I just wondered if anyone has any similar experiences or advice to offer?

Sorry to go on x

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Hi Georgina,

if you don't get nay joy here you may like to try asking your question on this forum:


(British Lung Foundation)

We have some information on how RA affects the lungs:


Hope this helps


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Thank you Beverley. I asked BLF the other day but no one seems to know. I don't have any signs of RA and negative for autoimmune problems after having lots of blood tests. Thank you for the link.. I'll take a look.. x

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