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Big move


Hello all,been a while since I posted,still alive and kicking.I have made a big decision,my son and his family are moving in with me,as I need more and more care,and it's disrupting their lives having to share the nights to look after me,as well as caring for two young children.I am lucky that I have a house big enough for us all,and a garage that we will convert to a den,tv,sofas etc, a sort of escape for some privacy.Has anyone else done this, did it work out?health wise, I'm on oxygen almost permanently, due to my knackered lungs,ra not to bad, but hands very deformed now.Hope you all have a bearable day.xx

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Wow i am glad your family are prepared to do that for you and it shows how much they love you. I know it will be a big upheaval for them and you,but at least you will have some company darling.xxxxx

Thanks Sylvi,I know it's the right thing to do,as I'm pretty helpless now,everything is such a struggle when you can't breathe.x

Sounds as if that's a good long as you both still have chances to withdraw as needed. Sorry to hear that you've had such drastic issues to deal with. I do hope it works for all of you. Good luck. M xx

Thanks Hatshepsut,a 9 and 10 year old will liven the place up,probably hide in the garage myself!x

How wonderful for you- and them! I lived with my parents and grandmother when I was young and it was great. Though having your own space is important for all- young and old alike. I' m sorry to hear you are so I'll x

My daughter and I bought a large house together, my suggestion, over 2 years ago. She, and two grandsons, have a large 3 bedroom house and I have a roomy 1 bedroom house attached but very separate. We have evening meals together but I live fairly independently. Thank goodness I am still fit enough to look after myself. My only advice is make sure you have some very private space for yourself. And, remember the children are your grandchildren, enjoy them, it is very difficult but you must not interfere. Some advice may be welcome but parents and children today may have very different ideas than when you brought up your son.

I wish you all the best.

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