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help my feet plz


ive suffered now 4 about 5 years with burning , cold, feels like walking on glass, the coldness goes from my toe,s 2 my knees, my toe,s have become realy numb, and the pain is that bad my feet throb, if any 1 else has this prob plz let me no, and if u have had any relief or have found out what it cold b, im at my wits end, i also feel like having no feet would b better than having them, ive been 2 the specialists so many i have lost count ! also so many drs had MRI done,, x-rays as well, been checked 4 diabetes , blood clots, circulation prob, blood tests, been tested 4 fibro mialgia,this is hereditary my youngest daughter has this disease and she is 19 im 55 and so far tests have come back negative, this is a terrible desease and leaves so many wracked with pain, there is a solution and injection that can b got 2 relieve symptoms but will never cure, its brilliant my daughter states may b this info may help some 1 else, so i have done the rounds with what i cant do next not much else 2 try ! may b some out there can give me some advise, ive tried ice cols water, heat packs, pain patches nothing works , may every 1 who r like me that have this condition 1 day gets some sort of relief fingers crossed 4 us all thanks 4 letting me ramble on good luck every 1 regard veronica b

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I don't know if this will help or not, some days my feet hurt so much and also have a burning sensation and the joints by my toes and bottoms of my feet really hurt. I change my shoes to my slippers which have a lot of cushion in them and also will put them up for awhile (on a pillow) so they are higher than the rest of my body. This does relieve some pain. I hope you find some relief.


My hands and feet go cold and white- kind of dead looking. But they hurt- throbbing, stabbing pain etc. I have a hot wax bath which helps- but only when my hands/ feet are in there ( no real lasting effect) but there's no limit to how long you can keep them in! I was told it's just part of the disease ( I have Psoriatic Arthritis but it's v similar to RA I think).

I use liquid morphine if I really can't cope.

I hope you find something that works x

lovekittys in reply to LizzieR

My friend has psoriatic arthritis, she goes through so much. I wish there was a cure for all of us.....

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