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What to do?

I saw my Rheumy today. It seems she wants me to continue on Rituxan but also go back on MTX injections. I must admit I am torn. I delayed Rituxan for a month and it did not trigger a flare. My inflammation remains low but the pain and fatigue are still extreme. My range of motion is very limited. She argued that the erosion continues so why not try to delay it as best we can. It makes sense. I hate the side effects but can tell that walking is becoming very difficult as are stairs. The damage can not be reversed, once done. So I am going to begin again on Saturday. I have also agreed to Rituxan infusions. At least it is only every six months. She has also ordered new ultrasound for hips and shoulders. I am loving this ☀️. It is a beautiful day again today. So I am going outside. I bought a cake so I can treat myself re injections lol hope you are all having a great day🌞

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Oh you made me smile today & I must thank you for that....I agree, if you need to start injecting mtx, then of course, you need to eat some cake. :) ...it's a no brainer situation :)


Hi Damaged - That one statement is the truest one, and one to keep in front and center of you at all times: The damage can not be reversed, once done.

The MTX can work for some (most?) people, and I kind have looked at it like two-level drugs when I think about them. The MTX maybe handles the most basic reactions our bodies have, and the biologic handles the higher level or more complex reactions... maybe.. Ha ha - Nothing scientific to it, just think that might be a thing... Good luck with restarting, and hey - enjoy your cake!


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