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A Spondylitis and RA?


I saw my dx and they ordered an MRI to look at my hips and lower back.My hips hurt more than anything else in me and the hip joins keep clicking horribly. What the deal here? What do I have to look forward to now any ideas? I am diagnosed with serronegative RA my joints are inflamed almost everywhere and I'm on plaquinil,mtx and prednisone...Still in a lot of pain and constant flare ups from hell..help

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Also seronegative. Also have hip and back issues. This week the rheumy pressed bottom of my back (ouch!) And asked if it hurt!

I have suspected PsA. I think inflammatory arthritis can cause problems with the spine. I'm due an MRI. Has your dic suggested one of these?

LizzieR in reply to Nettac


I have PSA and OA. My lower back is very painful- and travels up both sides. I have erosion in my neck too. My hips, despite being pinned, also hurt a lot. But, Izabella, you will find a way to manage and still be happy and have fun. Hang in there xx

Liz1962 in reply to LizzieR

What's PSA iv never heard of that xx

LizzieR in reply to Liz1962


Psoriatic Arthritis x

Nettac in reply to Nettac

Doc..not Dic! Sorry, aldo see MRI has been suggested for you.

Just call me ditzy!

Gnarli in reply to Nettac

Considering how they behave sometimes perhaps the original spelling is appropriate. Just a thought.


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