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Achy chest and shoulders. Xx

OK not been on here for a while. Been doing quiet well. Arthritis is behaving worked well with drugs. But recently taken a change within my work load took on training new people. All well with paperwork. But has also involved lots of heavy lifting. My pain in my shoulders started coming back and absolutely shattered twenty four seven. And know I got a really heavy feeling chest no matter what bra i use my chest aches and feels irritating. Not sure if it's work related or rheumatoid arthritis. Playing up. Any tips or advice will be welcomed as starting to worry I have took on too much. Gonna speak to my manager in next week and rest for a few days. Thanks for any help or advice. Xx

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Hi Treza42, That sounds similar to what i experience and yes it can be quite worrying as chest pain is never good, I was in hospital for 2 days until they diagnosed chostocondritis excuse the spelling, this is apparently an inflamed cartilidge in the chest bone which is brought on by RA, 1 year on and i still get the pain intermitently so i just try to make sure when am out and about that i am wrapped up and particular my chest is protected in the cold weather, the aching shoulders i would just put down to RA but maybe worth mentioning to your medical pros, Please dont take this as a diagnoses but i can relate to your comments with what i experience regarding pains in the chest.

Good luck


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