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Fed up - one health thing after another

Hello all and thanks for this forum.

Feeling low, got switched to injecting MTX due to side effects with oral, now have very painful chest infection so told to stop MTX and try to get rid of infection and then get back to the RA struggle. Feel like I will never feel well again one way and another. One daughter wept 'why are you always sick?' when I came out of the GP, and looked bewildered by it all - like me. Good question. I have explained autoimmune to all my kids but why should any of us understand 'why' when it is just a shock out of the blue for all of us, with no reason? I used to be very active and healthy, now feel I'm just ping ponging from one health problem to the next and drugs not making a dent so far. Had steroid drip last week as nurse said it should work like a miracle, well it made no difference at all and I have had flare and now this infection in the week since.


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I am so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. It may not feel it right now but everything will settle down. One problem at a time....

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Sorry to hear your having problems, its a hard disease to bring to bear and it takes time for the drugs to work, I know that doesn't help, but it will come right. You will get to feel better and be able to do things with out worrying if it going to cause another flare.

This site has lots of people who know the road you traveling on, and you arent alone. please ask as many question and rant and rave about it on here, no politics cause they frown upon that lol. This illness does knock the stuffing out of you, I can say with experience. But you do learn what can be achieved today and what can be left till the morning, use the GP and the rheumy teams too, as they do have a wealth of knowledge and who to ask for assistance and help.

warmest Craig

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I hear you. I cannot imagine dealing with children with this illness. My heart just goes out to you. Like you there have been no benefits from the miriad of drugs thus far. My children are all adults now but it is very hard to put a brace face on for them. It must me so frightening for them to see how you are suffering. I sincerely hope you find the right combination as quickly as possible. Big hugs and stay strong. Be good to yourself.

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I'm so sorry you are having such a rotten time. I sincerely hope you get the right treatment for you very soon. Huge hugs



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