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My son

Making a long story short my 3 year old son has been sick for almost 3 weeks and 3 days ago he started moving around eating n drinking more he was chunky u can see he lost weight I have had 3 doctors look at him and each one gave me different answers to what was wrong now I get a phone call after the hospital told me his blood work was fine his primary called and told me he wants to see him look him over and do more blood work as his crp level was 180 when blood work was done a week ago I am taking him first thing in the morning but what is crp levels and what could it mean

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CRP is a inflammation marker. It is a protein produced by the liver and Increases when there is inflammation in the body. 180 is very high so it does need to be investigated. Good luck. Hope he's ok


Hi Hwdjmd CRP means C-reactive protein which is a blood test marker which is produced by the liver it is the level of inflamation in the joints, it could be that he has some inflamation that could be caused by a number of things i just think its early days so i would certainly make sure the GP do some further investigations and maybe a referel but until you get a confirmed diagnoses i wouldnt pressume anything at this stage.

Sorry i couldnt be more helpful.


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CRP is an indication of inflammation but a high CRP can also be an indication of an infection. A CRP of 180 is very high and should definitely be investigated. I hope you get some answers x

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A crp level can be raised due to infection or inflammation anywhere in the body. You can have a raised crp from an appendix, a skin infection, a urine get the idea. Any type of inflammation/infection can cause it to raise and isn't specific to only one part of the body.. And while a CRP of 180 is high and needs investigating, it isn't a life threatening level, but still needs looking at. A CRP test is a tool to be used to help diagnose a problem. Other tools in the box are knowing what his white count is, neutrophils, his other blood work etc and of course a good history and thorough examination.

Be reassured that a CRP can come down pretty quickly when on the right treatment, or if it's viral the body can just do it itself.

Good luck with it and I really hope he is back to his usual self soon.

It's encouraging that he is now eating and drinking more now, always a good sign!


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