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Tocilizumab 1 year on

Tocilizumab 1 year on

Started infusions of Tocilizumab last May. Had been on Rituximab briefly and before that enbrel for a couple of mths.

Diagnosed in March 2014 with inflammatory RA or RD to give it it more apt name.

For first 3-4mths on Tocilizumab my life was transformed and I was near normal. Then september 2016 I had shingles, a urine infection and back to back chest infections. I had to skip 2 infusions - which are administered ever four weeks. I regressd - but not as far back as I could have but enough to cause me mobility issues and some pain.

Restarted infusions in November but it took a few mths and 3 x back to back steroid infusions to get me back on track and since Feb this year I've become more mobile and less stiff but Ive not returned to how good I was this time last year.

On saying that I've managed to transform my back garden these past few weeks with wheelbarrows full of chips plus paint my garden furniture and plant out all my containers!

I am forever grateful and thankful for the wonders of modern medicine and outstanding treatment and excellent support I receive from the team at NHSSA - NHS (Scotland) South Ayrshire Ayr Hospital.

I also never forget that I have a powerful delibatating disease and count my blessings for everyday I am able to live a near normal life.

Keep on keeping on fellow RA sufferers!


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