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Starting Cosentyx

Afternoon folks.

I'm 7 weeks post op knee replacement and the replacement itself is going well however I can't say the same for the inflammatory arthritis 😕

I have now been off all meds since well before the op and was due to start on Cosentyx 3 weeks post op.

Due to delays from hospital/healthcare at home and then the wrong dose being delivered, it has taken until now to get started.

I am so stiff and sore, I feel like I'm 90 years old 😢

Anyway. I can now start my injections and wondered if anyone has experience of Cosentyx. I'm due to start the loading doses at 300mgs (2 injections per week) for next 4 weeks then 2 every 4 weeks.

Thanks all 😃

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It's one of the newer biologics, so there may not be many people on here who have used it yet...but hope it goes well for you. About time you had a drug that worked for you.


Thanks helix

Yes I am forever hopeful that this drug "will be the one".

The sun is shining here in Scotland today so that might ease my achy joints 🌞

Have a good day x

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I am from Scotland and been using this for about a year now with no issues. Was on 2 other Biologics 1st then consultant moved me to this.

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