So i saw the endocrinologist yesterday. He was lovely and explained that my flares and sepsis and treatments for those have indeed caused my illnesses, high blood sugars and weight gain.

He is going to help me! He has a plan to change my meds and work alongside my rheumatologist.

He says the weight is Cushingoid caused by some of my meds and illnesses ( don't panic folks I have an unusual type of ra!) And he will help me from now on.


Hope you are all well x

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  • So pleased for you. It must be reassuring to have people who care looking after you. Hope it will work very well for you. All the best

  • Thank you . Im so relieved he could see the problems very obviously . I half expected to be send home on a diet ! And not taken seriously.

    He actually said It's nice to treat a real metabolic problem! I know what he meant!

  • So pleased that you have been listened to, and there is a plan! I do hope that you get some progress soon, you've certainly had such a lot to put up with.

    Every good wish. Mavis xx

  • Thanks Mavis . Indeed I hope this is the beginning of recovery x

  • Brilliant news! To be taken seriously at last and a treatment programme suggested! I'm thrilled for you. Huge hugs


  • Thanks . Fingers crossed

  • Eveything but my eyes

  • Lol x

  • Onwards & upwards for you!! I'm so happy you found someone to help you and is able to work with your rheumatologist.

    all the best to you


  • Here's hoping thanks x

  • That's brilliant news! And he saw you so quickly!

    Big hugs

    Kiki x x

  • I know. And he knew ALL my history before I went in which gave me faith in him.


  • Fab!

  • Oh allanah, that is such a relief for you. You have been through so much, especially lately. A plan at last, going forward. All the best and Hugs G X

  • Thanks G. Well he thinks it will be a year but he plans to stay with me as a diabetic consultant too so that's good .

  • Have to say what a result. A consultant with the right knowledge willing to treat you and work with you. Wonderful news. X

  • Hoping so. Xxx

  • You are lucky:) Everyone should have a good endo alongside their rheumy, so many things happening in your body when you have RA and on hard meds.

  • Yes it's probably a great idea x

  • That's fab news 😊

  • X

  • Wishing and hoping J x

  • Great news!

    It's the not knowing ,not being listened to that can cause so much sorry and distress. Things can only get better for you now. Good luck allanah

  • So right G. He understood and believed me .... made me feel like he was with me.

  • what a relief! I expect you made his day too by being such an 'interesting' and positive patient. Hope it goes well.

  • Lol not sure i was positive lol x but maybe x

  • Us? Well I'm better for hearing your glad tidings, what am ordeal! This is no joke as I have read on Cushings disease. We will celebrate along side with you on your real diagnosis. It's so hard when people's instincts tell them there's something else going on, to try to get others to believe that they are NOT mad in the first place?

    Too often I read that others are still not taken​ seriously even when all the 'signs' are very much in force? Excellent progress.

  • Yes. Well still got ra diabetes poly cystic ovarian disease sjogrens etc etc but at least someone can now pull it all together x

  • It seems that we both are destined to become 'telephone books'!

  • Like the buses when one comes along so does the next!

  • And if your really lucky, they hit a crater-sized pot hole, that shoots 20 foot of oily water right where your stood as they drive right pass !

  • You have a wonderful Endocrinologist. Keep hold of him . There hard to find ! X

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