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Pain in the neck

Hi all. Hope the good weather continues and it will ease some of our aches & pains.

What I'm asking is , I'm due to have a epidural injection in my neck next week. I've been waiting since january for this. I've go bulging discs in my neck due to wear. I use to do a lot of gymnastics when I was younger. They didn't have the care they do now when I was doing them as they do now.

Has any one else had this? What is it like? How long will it take?Will it be painful?

Not looking forward to it though but if it gives some help, at least a few hours more sleep I will be grateful. Other wise its a operation.

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I have problems with my neck and spine thanks to good old Arthur. It is wear and tear in my neck. My back i have had problems with for years and now there is a compressed disc which i am waiting to have a operation to ease the pain i am in. I hope it is successful for you darling.xxxxx


I've had lots of injection into other joints, which have all been ok, but not my spine which might be a bit more complicated.

However, my sister had one last week, and she was given sedation so has no memory of it at all! All she knows is that it worked. Apparently she was in and out very quickly (according to her husband...)


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