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Does anyone know of any claims I am able to make apart from PIP which I receive. I gave up work in December because of this condition. I can't seem to find out easily what else I might be entitled to claim. Losing my wage hasn't been easy but I felt I had no choice. I did not leave work under medical advice, I left because I just couldn't cope any more. I then had a biological infusion which has helped but I still have trouble doing dayvto day things. I am receiving physio and have seen an Occupational Therapist. Any suggestions? Thanks

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You could try claiming esa. You will need a medical certificate from your doctor


Best to see the Citizen's Advice - make an appointment and discuss it with them. They seem to be very clued up about all the various claims and how to claim.

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I also would love to know as well. I am still under 66 so need to work and gave up last October as I couldn't cope any more. I have had RA for around 4 years or so. But was refused PIP and ESA (my husband works and apparently I didn't have enough social security in my pot (due to not working full time) Seems a no win situation unfortunately. I am seeing Citizens Advice this afternoon to go over things but I don't think there is anything we can get, in the UK at least, other than PIP or ESA if you are of working age. I will update if I find anything helpful out later today.



I had to give up work last May for similar reasons. I am on PIP but also ESA- there are lots of different types- support group, working group, contribution and income. They put me in support( not able to work. Working group is where they try and help you move back to work) and on contribution because I've always worked. ( Income based takes account of your partner's income too).

You can also get reduced council tax ( I'm just looking into) and depending on your circumstances housing benefit. For the last two go onto your local borough council's website. There are also things like child tax credits if you have children and working tax credit if you have a partner and your overall income is low. If someone helps you they could get carer's allowance but this will reduce other benefits you get (I think).

Apparently if you get PIP/ ESA there are also things like half price car tax.

There are some good benefit calculators on line- 'Turn to us' is the one I used as it was on the gov support group.

Citizens advice is also good!

Good luck!

L x


Hi Ellieellie,

It might be worth you looking at our Benefits and RA booklet, see following link to download:

Also, have a look at Turn2Us is a national charity who may be able to help financially.

As already mentioned, Citizens Advice will have good knowledge on what you are entitled to.

Kind Regards,



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