Dietary changes

I am trying hard to change the way I eat because I have noticed a strange burning sensation that moves through my body when I consume certain foods.

The trouble is that my new diet is a little dull and I am quite frankly musical because it's causing me a ridiculous amount of gas.....which is awkward considering I work around a huge number of people.

Anyone have any advice about reducing gas? Sorry if this is an in delicate question.

Also, any rheumatoid friendly recipes that actually taste good. I can handle eating mostly bland food. But it is a little boring.

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  • Buying ducks and trapping wild geese as we speak lol.

    Thank you for the suggestions. I will test out and see what seems to work.

    The soups and porridge recipes looks great. I don't do oatmeal since it gives me wicked heartburn. I am amazed at how easily I would pop an antacid and feel that I was curing my stomach issues. I am now trying hard to pay attention and remove irritants. It might solve some of my health issues!

  • Hiya, what are you eating? I eat a restricted diet but it certainly isn't boring! Do you use herbs and spices? Tamari? Lots of vegetables?

  • Ha ha - But the smell will still be there - My husband's work group accuses him of crop dusting - ha ha

  • HA HA Ha - Good one!

  • Ha ha ha! Yes to all

  • Do try the recipes section of the Paleo diet website Hope it helps 😊

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