Lots of toothache

I have major gum disease and am getting so much toothache. I feel like I am flaring with my gums and teeth. I am considering having all my bottom teeth out very soon as it hurts so much. I am on mtx and sulfasasazine and hydroxychloroquine also steroids of 2.5.

I have at last got a consultant appointment as have not Seen anyone for nearly a year. Does anyone think it could be the RA playing up to cause me so much pain. I am at my wits end ATM

Thanks for listening and hope you all take care.


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  • Hello Carol. I had 2 root canals removed/retreated by an endodontist. My RA symptoms decreased by about 75%. I apparently had 2 abscesses for 10 years. Please have your teeth looked at by your dentist, but only have a endodontist do any root canals.

  • I had severe gum disease before starting meds for PsA, then it went. I was given to understand that it can't just go away, but mine did. Or at least it has calmed down considerably and my dentist says I now have healthy gums. However I do have bone loss from years of gum disease.

    I'm not saying that the meds cure gum disease, and obviously that is not your experience. But it does make me suspect that there's a connection between inflammatory arthritis and gum disease and there is a lot of research-based speculation around this, though a lack of widely accepted conclusions.

    One other thing that occurs to me is that when I was diagnosed with PsA I upped my game considerably in terms of looking after myself. That included a rigorous routine of using interdental brushes morning and night and I also started using an electric toothbrush. Before that I'd used an ordinary toothbrush very conscientiously but possibly that just wasn't effective against the gum disease.

    If there's anything at all you can do to improve your oral hygiene, then go for it.

  • There are a great deal of studies which tie periodontal disease with the onset of RD. There is also significant risk of developing cardiac problems with gum disease. I am currently having issues with abscess of eye tooth. I also had a lot of tetracycline as a child so have had a very long history with periodontal issues. Please seek out help emmidiately. I am so sorry you are going through this pain without support. I also had an allergic reaction to antibiotics and a very severe UTI from antibiotics. I wonder if my immune system is now so busy fighting infection it will have no time to attack what few healthy cells remain rofl

  • Do you think there is a conection between mtx and teeth problems .it certainly seemed that way with me .x

  • I have not been on MTX much after initial diagnoses but I have not seen any studies regarding MTX and gum disease, not that it would be surprising. It is more likely that Peridontal issues triggered the onset of RD.

  • Hi love more like cracking teeth rather than a gum disease .maybe just me .x

  • So sorry you are having such a horrible time. I believe that RA and the meds we take have a lot to do with our dental problems - I'm sure that is my case. I have had to have several root canals done because of abscesses (and have lost a few teeth) but I have a good dentist and lots more crowns in my mouth! Hope you find a good dentist soon. xo

  • Hi Carol, there has been a lot of research on RA and gum disease and now it's been confirmed with PSA as well, for me, I have had major gum disease which has been treated by the dental school at Kings College. After a couple of years and regular hygienist appts it's under control. However that doesn't stop the pain and swelling in my gums/jaw when my joints are playing up which is fairly regularly at the moment. As well as your rheumy you must get your dentist involved (realistically your rheumy won't be that interested) and keep everything as clean and well looked after as you can. My consultant at Kings was interested in me as I had PSA and she was looking at the connections. I would recommend finding a really good periodontist via your dentist, they will be the most helpful for you. Good luck😀

  • Hi Carol, I'm sort of in the same boat as you, except I actually only have 5 real teeth left, they are lower ones, and I've been getting a lot of pain in gums. I need new dentures anyway, so asked my dentist to remove these last 5 - she threw a fit! As I was just about to start a biologic, I left the dental problems ( can't have extractions on these drugs), but I still think the best thing for me, at my age, will be to have them removed. Obviously for others who still have all their own teeth it's different. Was interested in what others have replied to you, as I didn't think about a link with RA and gum disease. Clearly my dentist doesn't know about that - but she's very young! I do try to thoroughly clean my teeth and gums at the moment, I use a couple of drops of tea tree oil diluted in water - this is ok but rinse well and DO NOT swallow! I've also read that a lot of the additives in toothpaste can cause inflammation anyway - not sure if true. Best wishes.

  • Hi all thanks for your replies. I had to have a bottom molar taken out today as it was so loose, am feeling ok and relieved it's gone but now have to eat on left side now and it will not be long before that tooth will have to be pulled! I am considering just getting them all out in a few month.

    Thanks and take care..x

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