Does anyone have any experience of a tooth infection spreading to the bone and what treatment they received? My dentist show me my X ray and explained that it showed I had an infection in the bone all around the painful tooth. She put me on antibiotics for 7 days and is referring me to maxfax to have the tooth removed. It has to come out because I am have low immunity now due to DMARDS. I have decided to miss my mtx this week as a precaution and because everywhere is shut for the weekend so i cant get any medical advice. The pharmacist said she didn't know what I should do. Anyone got any ideas? Jane.

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  • Ooch! Obviously we can't advise medically but personally I would do as you're doing & not take my MTX whilst taking the antibiotic & really you could do with staying off it until the infection is cleared & the treatment is finished but that needs clearing with your Rheumy team. As you say there's nobody to ask over the weekend but you can call the NHS Helpline on 111 if you have any problems, though I hope you don't of course. I've not had infection spread to the bone but I have had antibiotics for tooth problems & would expect what you're dentist has done to be the norm. I hope your appointment to the Max Fax surgeon comes through quickly so you can get the offending tooth out & the healing process can start.

  • Thanks nomoreheals. I plan to phone my rheumy advice line on Monday to see what to do for the next few weeks.

  • I think you're wise. Not worth second guessing something like this, it can turn nasty if not dealt with properly & that includes letting it heal. Hope it all goes to plan & your appointment comes through quickly.

  • I tend to follow instructions in my MTX monitoring booklet

    (here... )

    So agree you shouldn't take it. Also, I'd try to keep my mouth as clean as possible so frequent mouthwashes of salt & water or a commercial product like eludril.

    Hope you get an appointment quickly as not much fun. I got trench mouth as a young person and the infection started to attack the bone, but luckily scrupulous hygiene from then on and I managed to save my teeth as it was picked up quickly.

  • That's a very good booklet. I'm glad I made the right decision to miss mtx this week. Thanks so much. I will try a mouth wash too. J xXx

  • Hi this is what I've always been told whilst taking antibiotics you stop taking your meds for RA so to give the antibiotics a fighting chance to work.. Regards jue.

  • Infection must have been there a while for it to spread to the bone. The dentist would know your medical history so you could have asked him/her. I do suggest you ring your dentist for further advice or rheumy and to ask how long you will be waiting for a referral to the hospital unless they already told you.

  • I had an infected bone due to a tooth with a crack in it which was unbeknown to me till my face was in agony last year and my jaw swelled. They treated with Erythromycin and Metronidazole together and that double dose healed it. I hope you get yours sorted ASAP. Good luck. x

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