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Multiple myeloma

After 4 years of severe back pain and being seen by 3 different consultants what was first thought to be the problem, collapsed disks in the lower back this diagnoses has been rejected and "multiple myeloma" is thought to be the problem, I have looked to research this via Google but any advice/experience would be very welcome, good/bad or indifferent. Thanking all in anticipation.

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Hi Scorpious, I am sorry to learn of your news. My Mum had similar symptoms for many years and it went undetected. Every time she saw the medics, they kept saying the symptoms were related to her RD! Eventually an astute endocrinologist referred Mum to a haematologist who said at the initial consultation she didn't think it was anything to worry about but put Mum forward for the test (can't remember the name but basically inserting a very large needle into the hip bone I think to retrieve cells). The tests revealed she had multiple myeloma in the advanced stage. Sadly, there was nothing they could do for her...

Contact Multiple Myeloma UK. Hope yours has been caught early


My husband has Multiple Myeloma. You need to be seen by a haematologist.....there are lots of treatments they can give you, but you really must get the diagnosis confirmed so that treatment can start asap.

Myeloma U.K. Is a very good website for information and support.

Please see your health professionals quickly.

Good luck.


Hi , My experience is through my Dad. Hes 86 now and was diagnosed after 7 years of back and forth. Despite his age he has done very well. He has been given two rounds of chemo, I go at a thalidamide drug which really worked well. He is now managed by pain relief but is doing ok.

It must be remembered that my dads age was against him and his late diagnosis. (he also isn't a good patient). But the myeloma website is very good and although it states that it can not be cured it can be managed very well for a very long time.

My advice keep on top of it. Make good use of the oncology nurses. Use the pain relief regularly and report any new symptoms promptly. All the best.


I thought it may be of interest for fellow sufferers of my experience when dealing with Consultants, for the last 4 years I have had severe back pain following 2 falls. After many years my G.P. relented and referred me to a "Spinal surgeon" who requested a MRI scan, following the scan his diagnosis was that two of the disks in the lower back were damaged, he referred me to one of his colleagues, 2 months later next consultant requested a further MRI scan, when this scan was viewed on the computer it confirmed the 2 damaged disks, and Vertebroplasty should be considered proceeded by spinal block , this was done. Approximately 5 weeks later the back pain returned to the extent that I cannot walk/stand, the pain is beyond belief. Next appointment with another consultant, he viewed the previous scans and requested that I indicate where the pain emanates from, when this site was compared to the MRI scan their was a distance of approx. 4inch apart, which suggests that the damaged disks are not responsible for the pain but his diagnosis was that possible "Multiple Myeloma" is responsible for the pain. My last appointment was on 18th April, I am still waiting for an appointment for further tests, meanwhile the pain is unbearable. Owe for private medical insurance.


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