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Blood tests whilst on Benepali


I've been told I only need to get my blood tested once a year whilst I'm on Benepali. Just wondered if that is the same frequency for other people on Benepali? Doesn't seem right to me for a medication like that?!

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I don't know who told you that but they are giving y the wrong advice , I'm on Benepali and mtx 50mgs I get it checked monthly

Think that is because of the MTX, Popsmith. Clemmie

Some of the biologic group if taken on their own don't seem to need as regular a blood test - add in a DMARD and it is more regular. When I was on Enbrel (a while ago) on its own I was only tested at hospital appointments. Farm

When y say that something clicked in my head as I wasn't thinking straight so you have a good point there👍

Thank you! x

Strangely enough I had just asked the same question of my rheumy nurse. She has just phoned to say on Benepali bloods tests should be done every 3 months. All the usual culprits

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That's interesting... will speak to my GP about it when I see her. Thanks.

I take Enbrel and Mtx Andi have mine done every three months because my bloods have been good for along time. If I remember right when I first started taking Enbrel (2012) i was put on two monthly bloods. I asked why this was being i had just started a new drug and was told that the blood monitoring was for Mtx and not Enbrel. x

With etenercept I had bloods monthly for the first year, now it's every three months. See the anti tnf nurse every six months.

Hope you get it sorted.

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I have been told yearly blood tests, and next rheumatology appt is February 2018!! (Although they did say they would see me sooner if I need it....)

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I thought and i might be wrong here that when your on anti tnfs they have to see you every six months. I see the nurse once a year, saw one yesterday in fact and then in six months time i see the consultant. I've been in Enbrel since 2012, at first i saw someone frequent for the first year. xx

Been told every 3 months unless results lead to closer monitoring requirements

same here I get mine checked every 2 weeks but only been on them for a about 4 months now.

I have to get my done every 3 months

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Tinat this post is 3 years old so you may not get a response 😊

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🤣🤣🤣 thankyou x

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