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15 year old boy doagnosed with Chrons desease

Hello All,

My son has just been diagnosed with Chrons desease. We are still doing tests to determine the severity and the kind exactly.

Can anyone give me any real life advice about how to deal with this and what to expect initially and down the road.Things i have read on the net are quite scary in regards to treatment and surgeries and side effects of the treatment😣.

I am also suffer from RA and his father has coriasis,extended family has many cases of auto immune disorders,so it isnt a surprise ,its just really devasting coz he is a child.

Any info will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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I am so sorry for your sons diagnosis. I am not familiar with with all the new best therapies but have heard about the possitive effects of LDN on Chrons. You might be interested to learn more about research results and therapy experiences here: This is a nontoxic treatment.


We're probably not the best forum to help you. Suggest you try the IBS section.


Hi Bella, I have psoriatic arthritis and was diagnosed with Chrons in 2011. I was on enbrel at the time for my arthritis which was relatively under. Ontrol. When I was diagnosed I had been going through a horrible time, I could barely leave the house, fever, feeling dreadful, but when I was diagnosed and switched to a biologic that dealt with both my joints and my Chrons and the relief was almost immediate. I haven't had any major flares with the Chrons since 2011 although the arthritis is out of control but the guts haven't been disastrous at all. I take probiotics which I think really help and I'm careful with what I eat but overall for me it's really not been too bad. I hope now diagnosed your son gets the help,he needs. Good luck


Sorry for his pain. As Matilda says another forum better for this, but i haave friends with this and they avoid tap water and steam all veggies. Good luck


Hi Bella. I'm so sorry to hear of your son's diagnosis. It's always worse when it's your children ill rather than yourself isn't it? Could I suggest you try the Healthunlocked forum for Crohn's and Colitis which may be able to give you greater support? Wishing you all the very best


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What a pity being diagnosed with Crohn's at such a relatively young age, I do hope the tests prove it's limited. You'll understand having RD yourself & extended family with related conditions that we can collect autoimmune diseases once we're diagnosed with one. Whilst we do have some members who also have Crohn's this site is for people with Rheumatoid Disease & associated joint autoimmunity (run by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society). There is an HU Crohn's site, you would receive more specific advice for your son from the members over there.... it's the Healthunlocked Crohn's & Colitis Support group

Maybe having RD yourself you'd find it helpful being here Bella? You'll be made very welcome if you'd like to join in, you may have experiences you'd like to share too, there's no such thing as too much info with this disease is there?!


My brother-in-law has had Crohns disease for years and leads a normal life.He was a gardener and takes Warfarin and has regular blood tests. His G P will phone him to alter his dose accordingly. The downside is he has a camera inserted at both ends once a year to check. Your son is young but he will learn to cope and adapt. I wish you all the very best xxxx

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