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Just wondering

The first time I went on humira it was a shot every other week that dint last long only 6 weeks I was swelling up in my hands after the 6 weeks my ra doc put me on humira once a week and after 3 months that dint work now with humira I am on leflunomide 20 mg once a day .don't think it's working .so now what is next I'm tired. Alot

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It will probably be a different biologic. After the humira stopped working for me I was put on tocilizumab which has worked great for me. Once the RA is under control your fatigue should improve. Good luck



It is awful but hang in there. There are-I've been told- lots to try. I'm on Enbril as well as Methotrexate but it's not working. My Doc has said there are lots more. Hopefully we'll all find something that does the trick... Take care x


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