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Hi my name is Hope . I'm 52 was diagnosed with RA Aug , 2016 . I have the Paddison program and have to say it truly is remarkable . When I was diagnosed there was no damage in my joints . But I knew eventually there would be . I was more concerned with nsaids so I take instaflex and curcumin surprisingly my vitD level have always been high not anemic . I'm a big meat eater but have been on clints program for close to 2 months . I do have all natural grass fed antibiotic free chicken on some occasions , I don't miss the meats like I thought I would . Clint I want to thank you , and if anybody has a question I'm here to tell you this man knows what he's talking about.

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Every time this happens there are some members who voice concerns. But how many others are taken in?

If the Paddison program is so good, why is its advertising campaign so underhand?

These spammers should not be getting through. It's insulting that they think we're easy pickings and I feel concerned for people who may be particularly vulnerable.

I've had it. NRAS need to get better software or whatever, it's doable.


Hi Postle

This person has given an account based on personal experience, and not even linked to the Paddison Programme website, so I have no reason to think that they are not posting as an individual, who found they benefitted from it. Unless we see otherwise, we cannot block people from having a viewpoint, even if it is contrary to what would typically be recommended in treating RA.

In instances where we do have spam, I would always recommend that you use the 'report' button to make us aware of this as quickly as possible, so that we can delete such posts. There will be filters to block out some spam, but this won't block everything, so using the report feature is very helpful to us.

I should point out that this is NOT our website, so in terms of spam filters etc, this would be done by the site owners, HealthUnlocked. Our role in the website is to monitor posts once they are live, and to respond when we feel we can be of any help.

For those wanting to hear both sides of the argument on the Paddison Programme, it may be of interest to look at Clare's response on the following post, as we did look into the evidence for the programme working for people, and as you will see, unfortunately despite some individuals feeling that they benefit from it, there isn't strong evidence to back it up:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Even if there does not exist as of yet scientific evidence on the efficacy of diets does not rule out the fact that not just some think they bennefit, there is in fact an abundance of anecdotal evidence supporting dietary modifications in decreasing inflammation in RA. In a situation where we are constantly learning more about AI diseases everything new in research is interesting for quite a few of us and we find it important to share thoughts and hope this forum would also be a place for this.


Hi Simba

Clare's response was purely to the Paddison Programme, for which there is a lack of evidence, not for dietary changes as a whole.

There has been good evidence for diet helping the symptoms of RA for some people for many years, and we would certainly not dispute this. Generally, it is quite individual, so hard to say that one set of dietary changes would work for everyone, but people can look for trends in their diet/symptoms and experiment with cutting out foods which may aggravate their symptoms.

For most, dietary changes alone are not sufficient to control their RA, and there is greater evidence for these changes helping the symptoms than stopping the disease from progressing, which is where the weight of evidence sits with the medications. Many therefore use both, rather than one or the other.

Here is a link to our information on diet:

We are in the process of getting our main diet article updated, so this should be added to this page later on in the year.

Kind regards



I dont think NRAS should be defending programmes that could do damage to people on meds. But I'm rather disillusioned with NRAS as a body, not the individuals I'm in contact with who have always been helpful. Is Theresa May still the patron of NRAS?

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Could you elaborate on that? In what way can PP do damage to people? If there is something you have learned that we are not aware of, please tell us. Are there other diet programs as well that you are referring to?


Paddison program recommends to take meds that have been prescribed and never tells you to stop taking them unless your body has established a solid base that is backed by bloods results. This forum should put in the title Paddison program not welcome


Hi Cathie

I am not sure why you feel I was defending the programme. I have said that there isn't evidence to support it and have linked to Clare's more detailed response, which outlines our concerns and the lack of evidence to show that this works. I have made the point that I do not feel this person is posting this as 'spam' and that they are entitled to their opinion on what works for them. They have posted a personal account of their experience and have not to my mind broken any forum rules.

Kind regards



That is a plain nasty reply. This RA sufferer is sharing their experience. It is no less important than your own view or experience. You have no right to lambast somebody who has posted for the first time. Disgusting behaviour in my opinion.


What agenda? I am honest on here. My diet gave me an idea that you can help RA with what you eat. PP has helped me enormously over the last year. I still have pains and and am not cured but I am better.If it can help someone else then good. It may not work for you but it might. Sulfasalazine, MTX, steroids work for some and not for others. Each is personal to the user. To just jump on something you do not agree with is awful. My mom would say if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all. This new member now feels alienated like I did. Terrible behaviour.


If your rheumatologist recommends you should take Dmards please R ead on this site the results of not taking them.....especially in the very early stages of RA.

It's good you enjoy eating the Paddison diet...most people have not found any difference in their RA & no clinical trial has proved any benefit from following it........I hope you continue to find it helps.


I have Recently bought the paddison programme. I have come off dairy and don't eat meat anyway. How long did it take to get some relief from the pain.


I thought chicken ate seeds. They do this side of the pond anyway.

If I understand your circumstances correctly, you've been diagnosed with RA for approx. 8 months? Fortunately, there's no damage to your joints at present? Are you seropositive for RF, anti-CCP or such? Do you have multi-site involvement of your joints?

At this early stage in your journey, are you taking DMARDs?

For your variety of RA, do you happen to know what the remission rate is (whether spontaneous or otherwise)?

For how long would you need to be free of symptoms (are you already?) and free of any damage on your imaging before you feel you might confidently declare yourself to be free of RA or at least successfully managing its long-term remission?


The elimination diets people have had benefits from have in fact many things in common. Dairy, suger and gluten are seen as the most common allergens and there is also a lot of studies that confirm this, reason why most diets encourage people to eliminate these first. Nightshades are also common inflammatories and eggs. Where diets and experiences of people differ is the role of fats, and legumes. All diets recommend lots of leafy greens, berries, fruits and nuts. excersize and certain supplements.

Some find no difference trying diets, some find they decrease inflammation and symptoms but still need meds, some are able to reduce or even stop meds.

What I think is interesting is the different reactions to the diets and am doing a lot of research trying to find out what could be the factors that play a role in this. And would hope that there would be more statistics on age, gender and image followups as well as duration of efficacy. A quest that really keeps me occupied:) I hope in this forum it would be possible for people to describe their experiences with diet and also how RA shows in them.


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