Methotrexate and chicken pox

Hi I'm new here. Was diagnosed 2 years ago & had 8 weeks of methotrexate, but frankly I was in denial about having Ra as I had another medical condition I blamed so I stopped taking the medication. I'm now in my 5 th week restart of methotrexate & have just moved up to 15mg. My daughter had a friend over to play on Thursday & the friend came down with chicken pox on the Friday. I had chicken pox as a child & my older daughter had it as a toddler but my younger daughter hasn't had it yet. I know it is dangerous for those on methotrexate, but is it as dangerous if you have already had it. I am planning to phone the hospital tomorrow anyway but thought someone here might be able to help. Thanks

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  • if really depends whether you built up antibodies to it when you had chicken pox as a child, as some people don't and so can catch it again. There is a blood test to check, but a bit late now!

    Chicken pox and shingles are no joke for adults, and more so for us. Although with only 5 weeks of low dose MTX your immune system is probably still racing away. Talk to your GP about whether worth getting an anti-viral shot just in case.

    It's a fairly frequent topic here, so use the search box top left and you'll find quite a few posts about it.

    But hope you don't get it, as probably the last thing you need right now.

  • Thanks. I will do. My main worry is that my younger daughter will get it. Normally I wouldn't have found that a problem as I'd rather she had it as a child but now I'm on this medication it's a bit different.

  • I got chicken pocks at 59. The ER staff was more interested in showing me to every medical professional in the hospital then they were in treating me. Man that was a miserable time...

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