Well the dreaded PIP letter telling me my DLA is stopping, yep just like that, has arrived.

My mother in law is very ill at the moment and we are up to the eyes with her, then you just add the stress, " prove to us you are sick!"

Jeez my medical notes are in three huge files now, I see a professional every few days, and I have now to go through it all again! However the guy did say they could take my DLA forms into account and I gave him permission to get them and I can add to that. So I'm hoping that reports from rheumatologist a, radiotherapy, oncology, diabetic specialists, GP and Uncle Tom cobly and all may make them realise I am not shirking work, I was told I can't work, !! By other professionals!

Rang over, never rains but it pours, but Nras are sending me a publication to help fill it in!

:( :( :(

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  • You appeal and you will get it. I must admit i was surprised when i got mine,but they said there was enough evidence from me to prove i wasn't making it up. I mean can't they take into account that we are seriously ill do they think we are like this for fun. Darling i got it and you have a lot more wrong with you so don't give up .xxxxx

  • It never rains but what it pours. So sorry that you're going through such unnecessary stress, it makes my blood boil!!! Even if you know that you really deserve it, it raises all the issues of being deserving, of writing down what you can't do, rather than concentrating on how well you cope in the face of difficulty. It's such a negative process, and can have a really detrimental effect on your mental well-being, plus it takes hours to fill it out properly.

    Just think **** it, and sock it to them big!!! I think a healthy dose of anger can help the process!

    I know from experience how hard it can be coping with illnesses of older relatives, it can be a long hard slog. Don't forget that in order to get through, you need to ensure that you still get a little "me" time, so do make sure that you look after yourself too.

    Best wishes


    PS Don't foget to keep a copy of the form!

  • Hello allanah, so shocked to read this..I am not familiar with the UK benefits system - can they just stop payments like that?? That's bizarre!! I'm very sorry they are making life worse for you, it seems you have quite enough to deal with without all this nonsense. I agree with Sylvi, you will get it back as it is clear to everyone but them that you're not making anything up. I wish you all the very best and I'm really hoping this gets sorted quickly. Love, Christine xxxx

  • I applied and didn't get it and didn't appeal . When I spoke to the chap on the phone he seemed to imply that because so far I have managed to get downstairs without help (albebreit not until late morning and at considerable risk( then I could continue to do so without PIP support. In effect , I was being penalised for living and somehow coping on my own . I think another reason might have been my age . He didn't actually say this but I could feel the chap thinking "well, what do you expect at your age!"

    So I got a bit of ACcess To Work support which was a much more positive experience. Unfortunately, I can't claim at the moment. I'm not able to work, so my support worker can't assist me! Jo.

  • Hi there I was under the impression that they couldn't say no to getting it ,but it might be different in England compared to Scotland where I live as I got it no problem and my blue badge but it shouldn't matter , with having a chronic illness everyone should be entitled to it

  • These bureaucratic things are hateful, I'm so sorry to hear youre going to have to go through some hoops. I hope they dont prove too stressful

  • Oh heck Allanah! On the plus side your payments for PIP should start when you DLA ones stop, as long as you return the claim form within the time limit. I'm not going in to the changes if you have to have a face to face, because I think that's unlikely or rather hope it would be. Do your homework, it's different from DLA in quite a few ways & collate all your up to date medical evidence/repeat script list starting immediately. If you've got the benefit of time take a few days completing the form (I couldn't have done in any less than 2 with all the writing) & if it helps talk it through with your h, mine brought up quite a few things I take for granted but which were actually valid points, in fact he sat beside me whilst I filled the form in reminding me of some things but that's me lol! Copy your application form & send the original Recorded Signed For. Sorry if all this is obvious but not if I've covered something you'd not thought of & you think is useful!

    Good luck & I hope your m-i-l is as comfortable as possible. x

    PS as well as the NRAS publication it might be useful to have a scan of this

  • I typed my answer to each question on the computer so I could reflect and alter as necessary before a 'council welfare officer' came to assist thinking I could then sit over a couple of days and write it out tidy on the form. She told me to send the stapled printed pages in with the form and in the answer box put 'refer to attached page ?'. Number them 1 of whatever and make sure name and national insurance number is on them. Put in a copy of your prescription and latest consultant reports. Hard as it is as it really brings home how bad things are you need to compare yourself with a 'normal' person as we adapt what/how we do things to suit us. Farm

  • CAB are aware that it's crunch time for conversion from DLA to PIP. It is more difficult to meet the criteria for PIP but I think most CAB bureaux have sound experience in supporting people to complete the forms.

  • The Benefits and Work website has a useful online guide. You have to join and pay a subscription to get access to the whole thing, but they offer a sort of 'money back guarantee' that you'll find it helpful, so I decided to try, and I did.

  • Oh that is not good to hear on top of everything else. I hope it isn't too traumatic for you. I am not sure but I guess it is something like a disability pension over here. You have to be almost in a vegetative stare here to get one. All the best and everything crossed for you that it goes through no problems

  • One of the quiet little adaptations that PIP is having is that if you don't get enough points on the mobility element your bus pass isn't automatically renewed and you have another uphill battle to get it back.

    I have seen several previous pass holders caught out, including one who has epilepsy!

    Take care.


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