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Afternoon folks regarding the link with stress and arthritis, a few days ago a man wanted to charge me £250.00 for cutting 2 small lawns and a hedge. I live in a former council house so imagine the sizes. Said no, he got verbally abusive calling me a stupid bitch amongst other names. I cried. Problems with the job centre, no help whatsoever, they don't want to know and yesterday after a short illness my beloved Olga, the cat who often spent time sleeping next to me at night, moulding her body to mine and frequently sat on my knee purring whilst licking my swollen finger/wrist joints died peacefully as I held her in my arms. She is now free of pain. Bella is confused and looking for her, sniffing and rubbing against Olga's basket. My RA has flared up big time! Co-incidence, no, it's the stress of the last few days which some days we handle better than others. Yoga not for me, struggling to meditate BUT, listening to a male Welsh choir can lift my spirits a bit, have Welsh blood and visiting the beautiful Derwent Valley and Tittesworth Reservoir, online only at the moment helps. Glad I found this website

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So sorry to hear about your sad loss 😢That would be heart-breaking at the best of times but when you're not well and having to deal with idiots at the same time it must so hard to deal with. 💐

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Ritaritis in reply to Boxerlady

Thank you.🐕

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Hello. I feel very sorry for you that you have to deal with such idiots as this man. Do not pay attention to such people. Your health is much more important than these stupid opinions of society. Take care of yourself. but arthritis is a serious problem, for the treatment of which you need to throw huge forces and sometimes investments. Of course, I'm young and I'm not going to get arthritis, but I'm very interested in medicine, so I understand a little about it. it's a long time to write about this. But it is very well written about the treatment of arthritis here: . Be sure to read i

Aww Ritaritis, I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, it must be so upsetting for you and you're right, grief and stress really does affect us with RA. Poor Bella also, she's lost her friend and is upset too. As for the gardener (if that's what he is), I'd like to tell you what I think about him but I won't, it wouldn't be proper that's for sure. Don't give him another thought, he's certainly not worth you getting upset about just wait until you can find someone else who has some manners. All the best to you. xx

Thankyou, reported the man to Trading Standards and now found Will who is charging a fair price. Told me he is a 'Born Again Christian' and will ask his church to pray for me. Thanked him. Found some of Olga's fur, she was long haired so held it in my hands as I cried myself to sleep. Bella wanted to go out for the night.🐕

Good on you for reporting him, what a very unpleasant person he sounds and shouldn't be let loose on other unsuspecting people. That's very kind of the Born Again Christian, hope he does a good job for you. Aww, I can imagine how you feel after finding the fur, I would be the same. You have a good cry and don't hold it in as it will make you feel worse. Take care. xx

Oh I’m so sorry you’ve lost Olga and then the stress made worse by that greedy little worm. Yes stress a giant factor in RA.

Look after yourself xx

I am so sorry by your loss of your darling cat i shouldn't that miserable git worry you, he thought you were guibble and found out you weren't. You rest now darling. xxxx

I’m so sad for the loss of your cat Ted was the same when our old cat dies last year.He was alternately shouting and crying for her.

Im sorry you’ve had such a rough week and glAd you reported the idiot.I’m thinking of you xx

Hi Ritaritis

Were you diagnosed with RA and OA or just one of those?

I found that after beginning Methotrexate in January 2016, and it was working according to blood tests after four months, I could barely move for stiffness!

I was taking prescribed Celocoxib at that time but not told it was unsafe along with MTX for more than a couple of weeks. Right across the middle of my knees was very painful too.

I was told to try Paracetamol four times a day for two weeks. Did that and it really helped.

Meantime, not wanting to be taking Paracetamol indefinitely, I searched online and found that Turmeric Curcumin containing black pepper (aids absorption) taken with a dose of Boswellia Seratta, was found in good studies to be even more effective than Celocoxib.

Not expecting those to really work, I began taking them twice daily after stopping Paracetamol. I was so nervous of all the stiffness returning but was so very pleasantly surprised to find they worked. I have taken them ever since, starting with high doses but now on lower doses and only once a day. And no more pain across the middle of my knees either in the last few years.

However, during more active RA, even though stiffness is cut out and rarely affects me as long as I take my turmeric curcumin etc, I will be in agony and unable to dress for two to four hours after making a huge effort just to get out of bed. My son has to make me breakfast as I cannot even straighten up and barely hobble from my room to the bathroom then my chair.. and that totally exhausts me.

So the sources address stiffness but not severe pain.

Sorry to see you lost a cat too. I love cats. Take care and I hope you find your own path to the best relief fir you. 💐

I tried Boswellia early in my RA, back in the mid 90s and my rheumy nurse blew a gasket as she said despite its ability to give me movement and reduce swelling it would interfere with traditional meds as it was a very powerful plant sterol. She said I won’t stop you but Sulpha will protect your joints more. I stopped the Boswellia.

That is a great pity as I always check for drug interactions as well as tell my Rheumatologist. Nobody ever said what that nurse did. It is untrue.

She gave me literature to read to prove what she said had back up so I decided I try protect my joints with Sulpha and of worked. I recall that Boswellia interacts with ibuprofen, can make GERD worse and lower blood pressure. It also interacts with several NSAIDs. Seems your rheumy is accepting and that’s good. This was 1995 and she was a senior research sister from Leeds General Infirmary so no slouch. She never said don’t have them but said no to both them and Sulpha. I use Boswellia cream on my knee still.

Sorry if it seems I was too sure..

I began taking Turmeric Curcumin plus the Boswellia Seratta (there are different types) as a proven strategy to replace NSAID and Omeprazole.

I checked drugs against spices/herbs for possible interactions but was ok with drugs.

But this was in 2016, I was on MTX and HCQ. Had been first prescribed Sulphasalazine in 2015 but it caused a reaction that took three weeks to clear till blood tests were ok again.

Sounds as if that nurse was qualified and careful.

We do have to be very careful about possible drug interactions. Even pure liquorice, if eaten in large amounts, affects BP. 🙂

I thought it was strange at first re licorice when I read you shouldn’t eat too much some time ago. We know a guy who eats very erratically let’s say .. all sorts of old food he’s had in for weeks going off 😳 and doesn’t have a fridge anymore. He never seems to suffer from it that we know of. (We say he’s like a goat!) He used to go buy a “bag of Spanish” from the garage shop next to his house most nights he said and my OH told him it’s been publicised as really bad for BP, but the advice fell on deaf ears as always!! Yes even a small amount can increase some people’s blood pressure and lower potassium and cause arrhythmia among other things. Very powerful plant.

£250 😱

Some people really do take the mickey don't they, you are anything but stupid, horrible man.

Sorry about your lovely cat,no wonder you are aching. X

Good afternoon, reported man to Trading Standards and have now found some one fair and trustworth. Thank you.🐕🐕

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forislava in reply to Ritaritis

That’s the spirit!!!

You are right. I think stress is the biggest cause of all illnesses. Unfortunately, it is probably the most difficult thing to deal with. You are going through a lot of different problems and emotions just now and it is bound to take its toll on you. The person who tried to extort all that money from you is despicable and the loss of your beloved cat is heartbreaking. I would suggest getting another cat az zoon as possible to help you and Bella to get through your pain of missing Olga. Sending healing hugs.

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Ritaritis in reply to Sheila_G

Good afternoon Sheila, contacting RSPCA cattery next week. Thank you. 🐕🐕

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Sheila_G in reply to Ritaritis

I am very pleased to hear that. Looking forward to seeing a photo.

I can imagine the feeling of loss you have. We have lost cats and it's heartbreaking. Listening to music I love and humming or singing along gives me an enormous uplift. The rest of the family put their earplugs in. Can't be helped 😊. I hope your flare passes quickly.

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Good afternoon, as Bella is also missing Olga contacting RSPCA cattery next week for some advice and possible adoption unless a stray turns up! As for music, apart from the Welsh male voice choirs I love classical music, thank you mother. There is, for some of us, a definite link with RA and stress. I'm alone with no family, unemployed and no-one to turn to. You learn to cope but some days are harder than others.🐕🐕


I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your cat, sending out virtual hugs to you.

And the gardener, how blinking rude.

Yes stress definitely doesn’t help. I had some problems at work which sent me into my first major flare in 3 years. I have absolutely no doubt it was this that caused it 😩. But it’s difficult not to get upset about things.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Green230461 in reply to Chockyuk

I hope the people at work are being kinder to you. Remember they have a legal duty of care to ensure that with reasonable adjustments you can do your job 🌺

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Ritaritis in reply to Chockyuk

Good afternoon and thank you, man was reported to Trading Standards and I have now found some-one who is fair and reliable. Re work I have been unemployed since last September due to Covid and my age 63 & RA is working against me. The job centre aren't even helping but now studying a recognised proofreading qualification with the possibility of freelance work if I achieve 80%+. 🐕🐕

So sorry for your loss ❤️

Thank you.🐕🐕

Read your post about the so called gardener! What a horrible man! Obviously if you were able to do the job yourself you would! So just taking advantage of you. He won’t get very far. As for your cat I am sorry to read about her. How lovely that you were with her. Because of covid my husband had to leave Tia at the door and the vet rang him in the car park. Bizarre end to a happy time.

I would enquire about a nice student who wants to earn a few quid. My dad put an advert up in the student union and got a lovely guy studying garden design. He made dads garden look like an RHS place for a few Bob!!they became great friends.

Take care and enjoy your music. There is something about a choir that raises the spirits. 🌺

Good morning and thank you, reported nasty man to Trading Standards and 2 days later found some-one who charged a fair price, did a good job and coming back to do more work for me. At 4' 10" with RA I struggle. Staying with Olga at the end made it easier for me particularly as so spent so much time on my knee. Bella is looking for her. Do believe there is a definite link with stress and RA flaring up. 🐕🐕

5foot 2 with RA is hopeless too especially as a giant put my kitchen cabinets up!

Sorry re your kitty. I adore cats. Hugs to you. 😢💗. Ignore idiots kike that guy trying it on. xx

Hi Ritaritis. So sorry about your cat. Pets are so special. I wrote to another RA sufferer on here. She lost her lovely pet too. RA definitely rears it’s bloody head when we’re under emotional stress. I had a bad flare up of Iritis & my RA when i lost my lovely mum. As for the greedy gardener. He should have given you a quote at the beginning. He shouldn’t just pulled a no out of the sky!! What a greedy bastard. Tell him to stick the lawnmower up his a**e. (In a more lady like manner!!) Some people are really nasty & try to take advantage if they feel someone’s vulnerable.

Good luck with overcoming this bad flare up. I know all about the pain & emotions it brings. This is where a good comedy (or your Welsh choir) & a cup of tea & a chunk of cake comes in. X

Hi Ritaritis

I'm so sorry you've been having such an awful time. I'm glad you reported that horrible man to trading standards, and have now got someone decent to do your garden.

I'm also very, very sorry to hear that your lost your beloved cat, Olga. You must be heartbroken. Your poor other cat too. She must be very confused. I can only hope it might give you some comfort that the end was peaceful for her and that she was in her home, and you were with her. I have 2 cats who are 8, and they are brothers so they don't know a life without each other. I can't imagine how something like that would affect them, let alone me!

I agree with other replies that yes, stress definitely aggravates RA. I hope you've had a relaxing weekend, and have been enjoying plenty of choir singing and giving Bella extra cuddles. Best wishes X

Watch Laura Stinchfield and Lydia Hiby on YouTube , lift your spirits , just brilliant ✨✨✨✨✨

You poor thing having to cope with your cat passing away and the difficult tradesmanGood you stood up to him

Hopefully things can only get better

Best wishes to you, I hope the Welsh choir is bringing you some peace.

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat and it’s very true that stress makes arthritis symptoms worse . Look after yourself and rest up for a while . Don’t give that idiot who was so rude to you any more thought . I hope your course is going well and thank you again for giving me the info about it .Take care

Sorry about your cat. Sorry that person was a *****

sending gentle hugs 2u. Yes, stress is a big factor in my book... singing does help too... so singalong when you can to anything, even thro tears.. xx

Yes stress will do that to you and I feel your loss of your beloved cat, we lost one of our boys earlier this year. It takes time to heal and come to a new level after the loss not just for you but your remaining cat. We are 6 months in and I still think of frank and miss his personality. Would agree that the stress of grieving can very much effect your arthritis and try however hard it is to do things that help you raise your mood. Time with positive, supportive people, play with your remaining cat, they too need that extra contact and love.

I’m so so sorry 😢 I lost one of my dogs a week ago and it was hell, still is, I miss her so much, but to deal on top of that with brainless idiots with no sense of any kind of simply being human - not fair! F**** senseless idiot! I wish he comes my way and try to charge me… I’ll just leave Leo (my bulmastiff) to deal with him. He never bites, but sense cruel people from a mile away and if we let him he’ll scare the shit out of them!!! I’m so sorry 😢 Trust me, I’m not a believer in any religious way, but one thing I learned is that life has its funny ways to deliver whoever deserves buckets of shit to them…. Mentally sending a few towards his way and giving you a big big 🫂

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