see never ever trust MRIS you know your own body

see never ever trust MRIS you know your own body

well opperation done and dusted have had microfracture surgery drilled loads of holes in knee.

see utube for info......

if you are having this done.

So all in all ive been got up to nearly 2 miles streight walking on a fractured knee realy speaking I THOUGHT IT WAS SORE DOC. didnt show on mri but i knew it was thyeir funny thing is walked and to the pain and at the point of going in the knee was bending great and their was no pain in it just the ankle realy didnt feel streight and still doesnt so im none load bearing for 6 weks now but heck the warm feet have come back with a vengance agin so i will probably get back to cold again in another 4 weeks ahhhhhh hat cold feet I WISH NOW I HAD GONE WITH WHAT I HAD. microfracture surgery dosnt alway wrk cos it relies on the drilled holes in the bone to bleed into the joint and creat new cartlidge. this is dependant on age and how it fixes its self due to the bleeding. it tries to get a reaction from the blood to form clots in the bone But this is not always as good as the old cartlidge you had. at anyrate i still have the little nodules in my dips and pips on finger. AND ITS A WORK OF ART GETTING UPSTAIRS USING 2 CRUTCHES AND NOT LOAD BEARING ON KNEE (WHILST BALLANCING AND APPLE ON YOU HEAD)


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  • So glad it's done. And yep you were right all along! Now get well soon xxx

  • Won't be on your bike anytime soon then!! Hope it heals up soon. x

  • I had micro-fracture surgery on one knee after an injury way back in 2006 but it worked well and I was soon cycling again. I was told by the consultant, a world-authority in sports-injuries, not to run or twist but that constant even pressure would be good for regrowth of cartilage. He was right and I obeyed his physiotherapist religiously so was cycling a month or two post-operatively. He also told me that for any injury or weakness in the lower leg, either knee or ankle, one must focus on hip-strength for stability when walking. So all the exercises given were for hip strength and I continue with those to this day! I hope it works as well for you.

  • hi hawker been on hols to caravan well im 3 weeks after opperation no load bearing and my foot tingles and feels like its gone to sleep for some reason i keep plodding on on the exersise bike its my Best freind at moment but keep getting these tingling sensations in the feet even the better leg with this none weight bearing thing has started to have a moan hopping about ON IT Did you find you had that at all?

    im at the point where the leg was getting me upstairs but the ankle wasnt so good now i feel like chiLL blanes are coming back on my big toes OH NO NOT AGAIN

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