An amazing Journey

Hi everyone. I needed to think long and hard before posting this link as the content is quite controversial in some ways for so many of us. However it feels really remiss not to put it 'out there' into the RA community as this young woman has been through a whole gamut of experiences in her RA journey that most of us will only see a part of and so may be of interest to many. It is only one person's perception however and from what I can see is given freely and honestly without any hidden agenda and certainly gives me a lot of hope. It is about an hour but perhaps well worth the time. Sandra

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Kai posted this link a few days ago, so don't worry.

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Thank you for sharing this .definitely food for thought


Plants are amazing things. It reminds me of one day when a friend commented about they weeds around, and it kind of went like this: "Well, let's see, here is some chickweed, there is some plantain, that tall fuzzy guy is a mullein. Then you have some fleabane daisy there, and some mint in the bed on the side." Ha ha, then I usually hear that if they didn't plan it, they consider it weed.


Has anyone tried this? Did it work for you?


A few comments:

She has RA does she? She needs a new rheumatologist.

Clint zeroed right in on her "leaky gut", a theory that has yet to be proven. (See suzannedale's recent post)

The patient talked about quitting her 25 mg per day of prednisone. (Don't blame her, I quit mine too ... it turned me into a witch.) But for Clint to shake his head and say that she was on a very high dose just isn't right: she was in a flare, and under those conditions it's not unusual or irresponsible to be given up to 60 mg / day for a short time.

I have no doubt that eating a healthy, fresh and plant-filled diet did her a great deal of good after a subsistence diet of fast and processed food. But for this to be publicised as some kind of miracle cure ... c'mon, people.


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