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Ibuprofen and inflammation



I am suffering from joint pain, with no diagnosis. I am taking paracetamol and ibuprofen.

I have tried to skip the ibuprofen for a little while, this resulted in more pain and my joint was soar when touching them. So I have started taking them again.

Is this a sign of inflammation since it gets worse only on paracetamol?

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Maybe you should see your GP.......just taking random painkillers regularly is not a very good idea...may do more harm than good.

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It is the GP who put me on these painkillers so nothing random about it.

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Ah....you didn't say you had been prescribed them.

Maybe you should either see you GP again or speak to the practice nurse........maybe she could suggest an alternative anti


If no luck there I'd ask for a referral to a rheumatologist - because if you are unfortunate & do have some sort of rheumatic disease the sooner you get treatment specific to you, the sooner you would hopefully get some pain relief.

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Sorry, somehow I didn't get it written down correctly. Must remember just beacuse it is in my head doesn't mean I actually typed it :-)

I've been to Reumy, but in Denmark they apparently dismiss you when your joint aren't visible swollen.

GP id nice enough but not very proactive. I need to come up with suggestions to get referrals so looking for ideas/theories

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Do you mean get a referral in Denmark or in UK?

In UK your GP should refer you ...has he done any blood tests yet? If not you should ask for them!

If he has and it comes back RF positive definitely request a referral, but unfortunately you will probably have a long wait, unless you have Private medical insurance when the wait will be much shorter.

It's a horrible time pre-diagnosis, but we all get sorted in the end.

Although I'm18 years down the line & I still feel discombobulated ...good word that!

Good luck with your GP!

A good idea would be to protect your stomach with colostrum. Colostrum has proven to decrease significantly the damage NASIDS like ibuprofen do to your gut. You just mix a scoop of powder in water first thing in the morning. Like you I am taking ibuprofen and paracytamol and was glad I found this way to protect my gut since daily use, even in small doses also in fact has has an adverse effect on progression of the disease. Good luck😊

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I am going to get me some of that colostrum. I find that probiotics good when I take naproxen.

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Thanks, will take a look at colostrum

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