Ibuprofen and paracetamol and stomach pains

hi all i ve been taking ibuproen and paractamol as pain relief since i was diagnosed in Sept 2012, but recently have been getting stomach pains and feeling the urge to go to the toilet more frequently i'm also experiencing nausea . I'm not on stomach protectors do you think it could be the ibuprofen and paracetamol that could be causing this ? I suffer with IBS too. thanks. lena x

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  • Could well be, I would see the docs especially with your ibs, the last thing you need is a flare of that too. Xxx

  • Thanks Allanah i will, my stomach is swollen more than usual and i dont eat heavy meals just small and frequent. I have the pains again tonight and the feeling of nausea. As you say i dont want that flaring its took ages to control it . Lena :)) x

  • Assume you are taking the ibuprofen with food???. a stomach protector would be a good idea however and some nsaids such as naproxen and eterocxib( arcoxia) as bit more gentle on stomach

  • hi Ali yes i have with food, i am going to book with my GP to have a chat. Thanks Ali for your help . will let you know how i get on. xx

  • I went to the chemist as my one a day lansoprazole was not enough and said I had read about cox 2 inhibitors being good, he sort of cringed and said a lot had been withdrawn! So as I see the docs next week I am hoping they give me another stomach protector as doubling the lansoprazole to two a day just gave me a runny tummy. Hugs Ax

  • Oh dear it always seems anything we take we have too take something else to counteract the side effects, poor you with your runny tummy, i hope your doctor sorts it out for you and you feel better . Hugs Lena xx

  • True, so true. Leflunomide put my blood pressure up so GP pills. Stomach sore from drugs so stomach pills, diarrhoea from stomach pills so anti diarrhoea pills!! I am rattling Hee hee

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