Victor Meldrew eat your heart out!

I've turned into the female version of Victor Meldrew (grumpy old git!). I hate myself for it. I find myself being mean and irascible, and I know it's not nice. I wake up feeling rubbish and worn out, and this sets me off into a negative thinking pattern.

Not sure who pinched my sunny disposition, but when I find out, they will be in such big trouble!!

I think it's the lack of energy, and frustration at feeling physically thwarted. What a pity there isn't a drug that lifts the spirits, gives energy, with no evil side effects.

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  • You and me both, girl!! In my case, I always had problems with negative thinking, so RA wasn't gonna help was it??! When I first got it, and read the booklet describing symptoms, and saw "tiredness, Irritability", depression" - I might've given myself permission to be mean to everyone!! But seriously, don't beat yourself up too much, we ALL know how you feel, and it does get better. Have you had your vitamin levels tested? Taking D in particular can help with mood. And explaining to people that the tiredness makes us a bit narky, gives them a bit of understanding too. Which I'm sure you do anyway my luv! As I'm a cat person, when Grumpy Cat 🐱 became popular a few years back, I started calling myself that! Even got a GC soft toy which looks so miserable that he depresses me even more, ha ha!! Hope you have a good day. xx

  • Actually, something interesting happened!

    I did part of a charity walk two weeks ago, camping en route. Although my joints were screaming, my mood was better. I've realised why.

    Last night, I was too knackered and miffed to bother closing my curtains. This morning I woke up at 6 a.m and didn't want to top myself!

    Of course camping (I had An open tarp) I was woken early by light streaming in.

    I just need light therapy!!!

  • There are varying configurations and cost that will allow you to get a SAD lamp. I've got my wife a wee panel (about the size of a 7" tablet) that emits a nice white light. Right through to clocks that gently provide dawn-like increasing light levels. Might be worth investigating for next winter!

  • There is such a thing. It worked for me. It's called MINDFULNESS. Takes some learning but it was well worth it. Not that I was ever as bad as Victor. All the best :).

  • Mindfulness just doesn't work for me. Tried it and unfortunately I can't get passed that awful blanket of depression. It works for some and not others. Also depends how bad the depression is.


  • I hope very much that you'll find a solution.

  • Thank you😄

  • Did you have problems with depression BEFORE getting RA ? I did.

  • Yes I did. Grim isn't it?

  • I don't believe it! 😃

  • Ha! 😄

  • b4 u buy enjoy spring n summer then assess if more light makes a difference x

  • Yes, I was going to do that. My big problem is that I have s flipping street lamp right outside my bedroom window. So keeping curtains open all the time will probably stop me sleeping!

  • Connect your electric to it, and you will not look back especially if no one knows lol and it might brighten your life up for free lol. I'm only kidding .

  • Sensible. 😊

  • Hello Nettac. I don't have RA... have GCA. I actually refer to myself as a grumpy old git. I try not to be. Just awful. I completely identify with what you say, and with negativity. I have put mine down to the steroids. Have been on them, going on 12 years now. I wasn't always like this. I almost want to avoid people.It's also when there are other medical issues.

    Hope you feel a lot better and soon. At least the sun is out...well, here in Norfolk, it is.

  • Hello Karool16

    Thanks for your message. Today was a better day. I'm wiped out, but not so grumpy (for once!).

    I actually have psoriatic arthritis, amongst other things. What's GCA?

    I hope you too will feel better soon.

  • Nettac. Have had 2 better days, in my voluntary job, with Age UK, Home Befriending. My little lady is 98. We had a good time together, no negative vibes/unpleasantness, on my part.Maybe Spring will lighten our moods.

  • Just realised...didn't answer your question. GCA is Giant Cell Arteritis....inflammation of the arteries of the brain.

  • Thanks Karools

    I went and looked it up. Poor you, sounds awful! X

  • I have Vascular Dementia and recently been diagnosed with Arteritis also but life has got to carry on and if you can put a smile on it things can change for the better😜lol, for how long for though.

  • I DONT BELIEVE IT, I get call that every day and I don't give a flying 🏈 lol.

  • I don't believe it, the bestest feeling is waking up in the morning and feeling alive and you just have to live, the choice is yours either live it Mrs V. Meldrew or ? You fill it in

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