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Ra sufferer

Hi everyone I had a right knee replacement sometime ago I think I may need a revision on it I can straigten when I. Am lying down but not standing hopefully ir may just physiotherapy I am also going to have a left knee replacement shortly I would like to know if anyone has had twi knees done at the same time especially when they had to have another redone and how things turned out thank you

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Hi rocky

Are you asking about having two knees done at the same Time? If so, I had both mine replaced at the same time, over a year ago. It was tough going , particularly the physio afterwards , but worth it in the end.

I think I've been very fortunate. The surgeon who replaced Both my knees had replaced both my hips four months before and he is really gifted as they've been no problem and healed terrifically well - the scarring wasn't too unsightly either!

Wishing you the best of luck with everything.



I had a right knee done and i told them it wasn't right for two years,anyway i got a referral to a lovely knee surgeon who found out that they had put a straight joint in a bent leg. He replaced it and he said after the op it was a mess in there, I felt better straight away and by the time i was discharged i could have walked out of hospital if i wasn't on the top floor. That is how good the second op was. Now though i have a lot of swelling round the knee i still have a 110% bend on it which is brilliant.xxxx


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