Hi all, just wondering guys what experience folk have of Etanacept. I will be starting it soon following other drugs failing and esr of 89. Feeling nervous not just off the injection but side effects. Also does it work long term for anyone therefore bringing about remission? Also anyone any idea when remission is 'qualified' and informing PIP etc. Interested in all these things if anyone got any input. Thank you beautuful RA warriors xxx

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  • I've been taking enbrel(etanercept) for over a year. Little in the way of side effects, only a red itchy patch at site of jab but this eased after the first 6-8 weeks. Not in remission yet & added MTX in January so will have to wait and see. Clemmie

  • I'm on my fourth injection of Enbrel (etanercept) and I'm feeling pretty good! I was told that I may suffer from headaches when first taking it, but that these would abate as time went on. So far, no headaches, but then I have never suffered with headaches through my life. Other than that I have no other side effects that I know of. I have more get up and pains or fatigue, and generally feel better in myself!

  • I've been on Enbrel since November 2012. I felt much better the next day, my specalist nurse and the nurse who came to my home to watch me inject is both said that some people have the ta da effect almost straight away and fortunately for me i was one. At my first 12 week appointment i was in clinical/drug induced remission and thankfully still am. Apart from one flare up a couple of years ago i have not needed any pain relief at all. No side effects either. Fingers crossed it works its magic for you. xx

  • I take Benepali which is similar and am doing well on it, no side effects and take 20mgs mtx along with it not in remission yet but a lot better than I was

  • I've been on Benepali since December and it's made a huge difference to me. Certainly not pain free but far better than I was. Back to 75% of my old self, and apparently I'm in remission.

  • Not sure what the difference is between Enbrel and Benepali, but my box also says Etanercept on it.

  • hi.i started Enbrel,12 months ago,i felt 100% better 48 hours later.

    if it works for you,it will give you your life back.

    good luck.

  • Took it for about 3years............worked well and was told i was in "remission" Gained over 30lbs during that time and had to stop when diagnosed with BCC.Since successful operations I have used once as went into fairly major flare, it knocked that out,am now trying LDN................will use injection if/when I have another flare, but NOT every week as have lost about 20lbs and do not want to gain it allagain.

  • Hi I started on etanercept about 3 months ago not sure if its just me but have noticed the swelling has gone down but my joints still ache

  • Hi there. Etanercept worked for me within a few weeks and was great for approx 5 years. No side effects for me apart from tenderness around injection sites for an hour or so. Stopped working after 5 years. Now on tocilizumab for about 6 weeks and struggling with it.

    Hope etanercept works for you. It was great for me while it lasted. Count myself very lucky it worked for so long. Good luck.

  • Hi

    Have been on Benepali / Etanercept for 16 weeks now. Significant improvement.

    You get used to the injection bit so don't worry on that score.

    Wish you all the best

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