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Rheumatoid arthritis

Hi I have rheumatoid arthritis I'm 45 and am a warehouse cleaner on long term sick leave since may 16 .I have had RA since around my twenties and it started in my right knee and has progressed all over me since especially in my hands .I had an arthroscopy and nuclear medicine in my right knee six years since and I just carried on working regardless . Anyway I had been having issues with my good knee due to the strain of protecting my bad knee and then I go and slip and tear the ligament completely in my left knee which was excruciating .I carried on for a month until I got signed off work awaiting scans and operation to fix .I had the op in august but was still in agony and my painkillers had to be increased. I could not return to work as planned so have had my leave extended by occupational health at work which my bosses did not like. Occ Health said I have a deformed knee and it is dysfunctional and I later found out that I had osteoarthritis in that knee too .Wow .I feel written off .I'm on tramadol naproxen paracetamol lansoprazole and 30mg of antidepressants and the pain doesn't cease it keeps me awake all night some nights .I had work come to see me and offered me ill health retirement last week or work without being cleared to do so I have until next week to decide what to do I am very depressed about everything and to top it .I have 2 assessment s from Pip and Esa on 14th march and worrying about all the bad press surrounding them .Help!!! Any advice would be so appreciated. Val.x😞

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It's obvious you can't go back to work yet.If you took early retirement on health grounds you could always work less hours on another job when fully recovered.I had to retire on health grounds too. Was so upsetting.

Have you been offered morphine patches for the pain

As for the PIPS+ ESA you can contact them for different date but to be honest it's best they see you at your worst.I had no problem with PIPS and in fact they were too helpful and kind.You need someone to be with you on assessment day thou.If you are too bad to go ask them to come to you

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Thank you for your reply as I have been going out of my mind as what to decide to do and as I only have another 5 days to let them know, the pressure is on and the thought of giving up my job is terrifying the hell out of me and am not sleeping as it is .As for the morphine the doctor did once mention it but I opted for the tramadol. I didn't know u can get patches so I will look into it.i now also have someone to accompany me to the assessments too so I am grateful.i am glad u got through yours ok as well u take care and look after yourself .And again thanks for your helpful advice.

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Get in touch with NRAS - they have a helpline and loads of information - they were extremely helpful for me :)


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