I, Daniel Blake

If you haven't yet seen this film - you must.

When you feel like it's you against the state (PIP etc) - this film, to me, sums up all the stresses, Challenges, humiliation and despair that some of us must face. It depicits the battle that becomes what is life, for some.

It shows the very worst and best of what society is today and highlights the vulnerabilities of those that appear without an voice and ultimately , at that hands of those who hold the power, what a person can be reduced too.

So sad but so worth a look?

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  • I watched it free online on Facebook

  • What did you think of it- really touched me.

  • Having done battle with the atos assessment I don't think it goes far enough it's much worse in reality there is a trap around every corner I have never know people to be so deflated take away there self-respect and hope and you have crushed them no wonder people take there own life

  • I've seen it but it doesn't live up to the hype

  • I thought it a fair representation ( in so far as it is but a movie) . A talking point perhaps?

    I know it does not reflect the reality of the struggle we all face on a daily basis but I think anything and everything that opens up that discourse , a positive move .

  • It was a good film but needed more in the middle, it was straight to the point.

  • Flat out on my back today so now about to watch a street cat named Bob - if I can take it in as meds wreaking havoc on me too!

  • Very moving, very frustrating & sadly very real isn't it, made me think of all of you who have to do the pip assessment

  • Ken Loach at his best! Brilliant emotional portrayal of the struggles claimants face with the benefits system. Highly recommended.

  • When my RA was at its worst the PIP form arrived through my letter box. With severe brain fog and whatever else I simply could not face 37 pages at that time. At the time I would have been able to claim mobility and disability, so we're talking about a fair amount of money, much if not all backdated to date of retirement on grounds of ill-health.

    So I simply lost out, financially.

  • It is a disgrace, given how vulnerable people are at this time, the need to do this and the hellish burden of "proof" placed upon them?

    That must have been a difficult time for you.

    We can totally agree on this point Andy.

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