Another setback

Hi all I had to see specialist today I am now on amitriptyline they think I have a secondary arthritis in my feet so ra and oa my ribs are bad so might have to have injections in them anyone had this? Also lots swelling in my arms neck shoulders feet she thinks it's all gone viral and the medication is working methotrexate 8 a week.also got have MRI on feet does this mean I got go in the tunnel or just my feet? Xx

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  • Poor you, they told me I should go on amatrypline but is that an antidepressant. I think it's such a depressing illness they want to lift our mood. I'm on sulfasalazine and have it in shoulders arms hands knees. Am now on short term steroid as well (felt better the next day) wonder drug I feel.

  • I'm on amitrypteline as a pain killer. It is given in much higher doses when used to treat depression.

  • Amitriptyline can be used for depression, but for us it is used as it is also a muscle relaxant so it can help us sleep properly. Here's a link to the arthritis research info about it.

    And you probably will only need the lower half of your body in the MRI machine.

    Hope it all starts working for you soon.

  • Hi,

    I started taking Amitriptyline for headaches/Migraine which seemed to be getting more frequent. I think it helps and am still taking 20mg a day after 3 years. Initially I slept better but the effect wore off. I do take it 12 hours before I need to get up in the morning or it does take longer to come to. I had severe nerve pain in my feet last year and now also take Gabapentin which did help. The pain is much less and I'm taking 2 x 300mg a day now not 3 on most days. I've had a Heart MRI which was fully in for 40 mins, it was tough but I got through it and the results were an all clear (on that anyway!) I also had a back MRI which wasn't fully in and much quicker. This was to rule out back issues relating to the nerve pain and foot drop and again I got the all clear. I hope that you find the right combination of drugs for you soon and all the tests help narroe things down and get you the right treatment


  • GhNks Michele

  • I should think only your feet up to about your knees for the MRI......I had one for my wrist & I just had to lay on my front & my arm was in the tunnel up to my elbow.

    Picture it! Getting me upright afterwards was quite a sight!

    Good Luck!

  • Dear Babybaps,

    I have had several injections in my ribs but the most successful was a paravertebral block performed by my Pain Specialist.I was sitting up for this procedure.

    I am also on 75 ampitriptlene at night and 600 tegretol for nerve pain in my ribs,back and legs.You are not alone.Rib pain is the worst sensation.You should investigate Bornholm disease which is caused by the Coxsackie Virus and also Chlamydia Pneumonia...not the sti type btw.I have both in my system and they are contributing to nerve pain.

    I hope this helps you.

  • Bless you so painful isn't it did injections hurt much? Makes me feel sick thinking about it thanks mandy

  • Hi Mandy,

    The injections just feel like an intense momentary pressure.You should try not to think of them as anything other than a means to an end hopefully! I am a bit of a wuss,a regular fainter after injections but I am lucky to have a lovely specialist who is genuinely interested in helping people and has strategies for that.You may have tiny bruising afterwards but it is certainly worth the gritting of teeth.I cannot tell you about the longevity of the injections as I am not allowed have steroids which make it last roughly 6 months so basically I'm just getting anaesthetic blocking done.

    You can do it,promise yourself some nice cake after that always helps 😊

  • I'm on Amatriptylin I thought it was to help me sleep at night as I also take an antidepressant as well hope it all goes well

  • Had an MRI of foot, and it was just the foot really that went in, rest of you outside. I think I must be a bit weird as the beeping sent me to sleep, or was that any excuse for a RA Nap.

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