Fibromyalgia and ra and maybe foot operations

Hi how is everyone? I am in so much pain had MRI the other week my feet are so bad they said maybe surgery next which I'm not looking forward to I also got red spots on my feet do anyone else get this? Also they think I may have fibromyalgia as well as r.a has anyone else got this? I cannot get comfortable And it's just getting me down I'm on 8 methotrexate a week any advice?

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  • Yes ! I was just talking about the little red spots on my feet today.

    I had surgery on my feet last year. Unfortunately, 4 of my toes remain broken and will need another op.

    However, it's not too bad an operation - toes pinned and tendons reattached, although yours may be entirely different. I was told at the time it would help but would never be pain free.

    Onwards and upwards eh?!

  • Do you know what the spots are? Bless its awful isn't it?

  • Honestly no idea? I only noticed them appear after surgery, initially thinking it's because I was wearing the moonboot All the time? I know it wasn't that though as they then appeared on my other foot!


  • Hi Eiram

    Sorry to bother you again - but does the actual toe being broken cause pain? I know you have several broken so there may be a cumulative effect.

    The reason I am asking is that I am having bunion surgery on Wednesday and they have to break my big toe. I am a bit apprehensive as to how much pain there is going to be afterwards and for how long. I am only having one foot done at a time. I've never had a broken bone before.

    Many thanks,

  • Hi

    To be fair, I don't think it is too painful. After the op I was unconmfortable for a couple of weeks but it was maneagable with pain killers. It didn't stop me moving about etc as protected by space boot.

    My toes are paining me just now I think because i continue to walk on them - they need to be fixed!

    Best of luck with your op.


  • Thanks, I was a bit worried. My jobshare said the pain felt like that of an amputation but she did have an op on the soft tissue with a big incision. Mine is minimally invasive and purely on the bone. I have a big bump of bone on the big toe joint that has to be shattered and drained off, and the toe bone has to be cut and re-aligned. I'll let you know how I get on because I think you should consider minimally invasive surgery and get one foot done at a time.

  • To be honest, the op I had was quite big and I honestly thought it really was quite manageable? There's pain, but it's not unbearable? But like everything else, everyone deals differently with pain?

    Before this surgery, I had had a simultaneous bilateral total Knee replacements ( both knees replaced together at the same time) and actually any pain would have dulled in comparison!

    Wishing All goes well for you


  • Strange isn't it ? I noticed couple weeks ago thanks mandy

  • HiHi, I've had the red spots on my feet, the gp gave me some steroid cream and I applied it very little on them, I think it's dampness that brings the little spots on and they fell of, make sure you tell the butcher that you have fibromyalgia so they might be able to give you a little extra stuff to knock you out, fibromyalgia can sometimes make your pain threshold lower than it should, not everyone with Fibro is effected so it's just a thought, I hope all goes well.

  • Thankyou Philip

  • Oh my darling i so feel for you,i have RA/Fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as a compressed disc. I am having trouble getting comfy in my recliner at the moment and with the fibro i could have a pain in one place one day the next it will be somewhere else. Fatigue is my biggest enemy as i am finding i can only do so much and then thats me finished for the day. Mornings are the times i get things done as by lunchtime i have to rest. Yesterday was a good example,i spent the morning in the garden not doing a lot mind you dead heading flowers and just doing a bit of tidying up.We went out to lunch with some very dear friends who are celebrating their 60th wedding and our daughter and her boyfriend and by the time the lunch was over you could see me flagging and by the time we got home i was done as they say and i had to rest for the rest of the day.

    You will hear the words pacing a lot with both RA/Fibro you will have to do a bit and rest a lot,take it easy when you do things,get someone else to do the heavy stuff and if you can sit and do things. Be kind to yourself,if it hurts stop doing it and get help.xxxxxx

  • Thanks sylvi poor you I am working at the moment but keep coming home for a nap some people say you learn to live with it I just know it's getting worse . I got diagnosed last sept but had it 3 years. Do you take anything for it? Xx

  • Hi sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I also have fibromyalgia as well ad rd. My feet are bad to. I went to see a foot specialist who was very reluctant to operate on my feet. So no real joy there. Hope you fair better. Good luck and keep your chin up.

  • Hi the red spots are caused by friction on the soles of your feet, I find I got them when I had been immobile for a while and then started weight bearing adain, I also go them on my palms when using walking frame, look like little pin prick's

  • Hi babybaps,

    I to have RA ( since 2002 ) and fibro and 18 months ago I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis caused by RA. I have very painful feet ( I have posted about this before ) after seeing a podiatrist she refered me to a orthotic surgeon as I have rheumatoid feet, this is where your soft cushioning on the sole of your foot is pushed under your toes which means that you walk on the skeleton which is what causes the pain. Over time it can then damage your ankles, which it has done in my case and it has made my bones on the side where my small toe is to stick out. I was assessed for an operation but because of my lung disease there's a big risk so I won't be having that done. I also suffer from red pimple spots around my feet.

    The main reason I have responded though is if anyone is having problems with their feet your gp can refer you to a podiatrist or an orthotic surgeon. Even though I can't have corrective surgery I have had some insoles made to fit my feet, totally different from the ones you get in the shops, also because the op is out of the question I have been fitted for some bespoke hand made shoes you can choose from several different types,colours and styles. These start at around £800 but your first pair pair come free on the NHS and and repairs or rehealing etc are done free of charge. Hope that may help someone.

    Take care Linda x

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