Hi everyone,

I have been taking Arava (10mg) for six months now and it has helped a lot with pain and swelling but my hair is noticeably thinning and my scalp can be uncomfortable and itchy at times. I am really worried and getting very depressed about it all, especially as this dmard appears to be working. I was wondering if the hair loss will settle down with time or if anyone with the same problem has found a treatment that actually works and is safe to use. I have tried various shampoos and oils but have not had any success. Many thanks.

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  • What brand of Oils have you tried and what names. It may depend on the strength and so forth. I know Rosemary is very good,, clary sage, eucalyptus. these were suggested in the auto immune section on hair loss, In the Inttegumentary section which is the Hairs, nails, skin They offer Hair loss remedy options. Use 5 drops each of cedarwood, cypress, lavender, rosemary, oils. Add 2 ounces of a natural shampoo and use when shampooing. Or Blend with 2 drops of each oil listed above with 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil. Massage into scalp, cover with a shower cap, and let sit for a few hours or overnight, shampoo and condition. Another option they list is a more intense blend which when dealing with results of meds this may be an option. Combine 8 drops of rosemary, 10 drops Lavender 10 drops sandalwood 10 drops cedarwood 1 drops melaleuca (tea tree with 3 ounces of natural shampoo work oils into scalp several times a week and let sit for twenty minutes prior to shampooing. The oils we use are Doterra Essential oils which are pure oils very concentrated. My Son is the one with Ankylosing Spondyitis ( a leg of RA) and is newly diagnosed. sees his Rhuem on the 28 this month and is 27. Anyways I am in Canada. All the oils that are mentioned are excellent oils for many things and a lot for anti bacteria, great for the skin, cederwood is good for Psoriasis and exzema, calming and anxiety cough and sinus issues, stroke Urinary tract, bladder and vaginal infections, gums, insect repellent, acne, Emotional balance. a lot of the oils overlap. A lot of people on the fourm are from Australia, I believe there is a warehouse in Australia and can direct you how to join. Would have to check with the Canadian office. . Here in Canada we have a membership like a Costco and then we have an account and can go online and order them and sent directly to us. Each bottle of oil comes in a 15ml size and has 250 drops per bottle. So it lasts a long time, As a member you get wholesale prices which are 25 percent cheaper, I assume it is the same in Australia. I should find out more. If you would like more information on this let me know. I do not know how to private message , so if you do feel free to do so. I just love the oils, They have been an assistance in my sons inflammation, I taught his girlfriend to apply them in a sequence once a week, down his spine.and massage in.. Take care

  • What can I do for nails that are broken to the quick and bleeding dry skin around fingers ( since starting new infusion)

  • Have you tried the Doterra brand of Lavendar, or Cedarwood, and they also have a product called Correct x it acts like a polyspurn. . These were list under skin and or dry, cracked, scaly skin. Are you in the UK, or USA. Lavendar great for the skin, I have used it several times when I have had burns, or skin cuts etc. I just read your note again and you could add the oil to a hand cream you like to use. The less alcohol content in the cream the better as it the alcohol will dry the skin. I can send you a info sheet on the above oils if you like. and the correct x. Let me know I shared info in the above post to Pat 64 about how the oils have helped my son inflammation and so forth. Also explained abit on how to get the oils.

  • Thanks I'll try that xx

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  • Hi 19northside2,

    Many thanks for all your advice on dealing with hair thinning. I will try these different oils, hoping they are all available in the UK. Pat64.

  • Hi sent you a email, thanks for replying. My pleasure to share about the oils, I am a healthcare aide and don't work in the health field now due to my Husbands shift schedule and so forth. I use the oils for my personal use and share with others when someone asks if there is something that may help. I am on this fourm trying to learn more about my Sons condition and so forth. He is not a forum person, so I share info with him.

  • Wow you're amazing I'm on ARAVA also and I have the same problem, but also I have to wash my hair every day otherwise it smells bad.. I never had that proble before, I live in the USA do you have any idea how I can find this oils? Some of them I do have them but not all of them.. thanks so much🙏🏻

  • I replied to your email to me. Not sure how this works, if I reply to your email is it going to you or is my reply going to this fourm. Thanks It is nice to have someone on this side of the country on the fourm

  • I think you reply to me 😜

  • Let me know you received it would be great, thanks

  • I did but I was wrong you messg all

  • I had hair thinning with mtx but it improved over time.

    However if it's causing you problems do talk to Rheumy in your next appointment x

  • Hi Allanah,

    I'm afraid it is all about weighing up the risks and advantages with rheumatologists and almost having to accept hair loss as par for the course. I was wondering if you had found anything to help with hair thinning or did it just stop eventually. Pat64

  • It just stopped xx

  • There is a shampoo you can get called regain which is used after chemo. My friend found it helped x

  • I too am taking arava now into my 2nd month, feeling fine no pain but I am losing hair not that you can see at present but if it doesn't stop I shall start to worry. I also have very bad pins and needles in my feet, have been told by nurse it is caused by prednisone which I take for rheumatoid fibrosis. Try not to get too depressed as it makes things worse. Sending hugs Sophie 17

  • Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for your reply. It is very frustrating not to be able to get good advice from the medical profession on how to fix this problem or even to find out if hair loss will continue or eventually settle down. Please let me know how you get on with Arava and hope your hair loss stops soon. Pat64.

  • Hi Pat 64, I see my consultant next week and will let you know what he says about hair loss but not holding much hope as he's foreign and not very talkative, I do struggle some times when I see him. I wonder sometimes if he stands my explanation of things my husband says I talk in riddles sometimes so it could be me.

  • Are you taking Folic Acid? I started taking that when I started the MTX and over time is has made a big difference because my hair was thinning too. Also, there are several other oils and things that might help as 19Northside outlined.

  • Hi Caeryl,

    Folic acid is usually only prescribed in the UK along with methotrexate and not with arava. My current levels seem to be fine although I am anaemic with low iron. Many thanks for your advice. Pat64.

  • Ahh - I did not know that. I was taking Methotrexate with it originally and when I switched to the Minocycline, my doctor left me on it. I'm glad because my hair has come back pretty well. still a little thin on top but nothing a comb over can't take care of (ha ha ). Take care!

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