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5 days on

hi all its now 5 days since my last post and things have moved on thankfully for the better

I have been upgraded to next level of physio so I bought a floor peddlar which ive started this morning 4 x 15 minute sessions plus stretching and load bearing exercises

bend is still only 90 degrees but can get around the house unaided and one crutch outside

overall pretty pleased after just 23 days

keep smiling and working hard on your rehab


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Great news and thank you for keeping us posted. You have done really well.

Nice to hear good news πŸ˜ƒ

My tkr due 6 wks on Thursday πŸ™Š

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don't hesitate, you hear all sorts on here, go into with a never say die attitude after 3 weeks to have no arthritic pain is worth more than any money could buy

I will probably be back at work by the time you have yours with luck


Well done.

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Very happy for you. Keep it going. Any plans for dancing lessons?

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So good to hear good news, Derek. Determination has obviously paid off for you. Congratulations!



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