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DMards and high B/P and pulse

Well 5 months in and still no drug that works for me. Having rechallenged the subcut methotrexate and been prescribed 10mg steroid tablets Ives been taken off both.

Before I was diagnosed my blood pressure and pulse rate were normal. After 5 months of them experimenting with various component of the triple therapy combo from which I have received horrendous side effects my BP is hovering around 170/90 and my resting pulse rate is around 140 needless to say both me and my GP are fed up. I am now off work and whilst the condition goes in without any change the medications have destroyed my life at the moment.

Has anyone else had problems with increases in BP etc. I mentioned it on the RA course I am attending at the moment and someone said their aunt had been rushed in with a heart attack and the first thing they did was stop the methotrexate:(

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My Blood pressure has been higher than my normal 160/90 not quite as high as you. My pulse rate is low but normal for me.

I'm told to check BP but no one seems that bothered by it. Having said that it's always higher at hospital appointments so ? White coat syndrome.


My bp has gone down. Always been low, but now 120/61.

I was surprised that they could take a pulse at my last appointment.

I hope that it doesn't go lower.



Are just seeing a rheumatologist...maybe your GP could refer you to a cardiologist?

Years ago my BP went through the roof..can't remember which med caused it, but I was referred to a cardiologist & he sorted it & I now just take 1 BP pill,& through three Dmards it has remained stable!

Hope that might help.



I've seen a cardiologist previously in about 2010. GP is checking to see if I've developed an adrenal problem. All I know is I've felt much much worse since diagnosis and intervention. I've been unable to tolerate any of the meds and each time I try one they've given me lasting problems. It's a difficult one. At the moment I'm struggling with the fact I need to take meds to control the RA but the side effects are so severe of the drugs it's destroyed my life. I'm not sure what the pay off is if the cure is worse than the illness :(

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Always had normal to low BP, had RA 46 years and taken MTX over 35 years. It's not caused any BP problems.


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