RA and pregnancy

RA and pregnancy is truly scary for me.Am 34 and planning for my first pregnancy, been off mtx and HCQS for 5 months and on folic for 2+ months. The remission has been a blessing since its the longest ive been able to be off mtx.and desperately want to start a family God willing from next month. Been having trouble with RLS and the same feeling in my palms.Recently started having trouble with low BP and luckily dobesil has been able to stabilize the BP.

Have been researching on what foods can trigger flare ups and which ones have anti inflammatory properties.

All info i have found on natural medicine highlighted turmeric as one of natures powerful anti inflammatory product.Been taking it since was taken off the meds and havent had any severe flare ups to take me back to the meds.

Any one with experience of any natural products which can be helpful or experience with the use of natural anti inflammatory products?

The thought of My body attacking the baby during pregnancy is so scary and is making me so much fearful.The one thing i want the most in the world is the same thing that scares me the most : ( : (

Am so thankful to all who share for the encouragement they give me.

Any advice on what i can do for both physical and emotional health before we start trying will be highly appreciated.

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Hi there, I was in your shoes five years ago and I know just where you are and how your feeling, worried about RA pain worry about getting pregnant .. will it happen and how soon ? all this stuff stays in your head. I to was in my thirties 39 to be honest lol. All I want to say is to keep yourself stress free where possible, don't do the things that you know may bring on flare ups look after yourself because no one else can do that as well and better than us the sufferer of RA. I had to stay of meds for three months and then was able to try, I was so lucky I fell on the first try but was in it for the long hall. My little boy is great and he will be four this August so have faith it will and does happen. Make your love life fun and not a chore relax and enjoy and I am sure it will happen for you. xxx I wish you all the luck in the world. xx best advice be happy cant beat happy hormones.


I just want to echo Bazzypants. I have had two children while living with RA and while I had small flares while pregnant I was in remission in the main and neither experience was too bad. In fact, with my second baby I managed to move away from consulant led ante natal care and had a water birth which was perfect for supporting my joints in labour. I had flares about 6 weeks after both births and had to act quickly to restart my meds but the silver lining was using that time to bond with my girls, breastfeed and generally be a "normal" new mum for a bit. I wish you all the best especially for speedy conception and remission. Here if you ever want to talk - I wish I had found this forum when it was me! X


Hi lubash

I don't post often on here as am fairly new to ra and just learning! ( Although many years ago i did a stint in an Ra hospital although that bears no resemblance to Ra treatment we have today thank goodness!)

My children are grown up but I always feel so sad when I read posts from young people and new mums.

I especially picked up on your comment re your body "attacking" your baby and I really hope someone more knowledgeable will post and reassure you more than I can and I know your rheumy team will be able to reassure you that this will not happen. Although we all pass on our genes to our children.......both good and not so good, your body will not attack your baby, it doesn't work like that. Think of all the thousands of people with auto immune conditions..........diabetes, thyroid, crohns. They all need to take a little extra care of themselves during pregnancy to "manage" their conditions, but otherwise have perfectly healthy babies. I have also read on here that ra seems to improve during pregnancy so that's quite positive.

There have been such huge improvements in the treatment and understanding of ra in the last 10-20 years that the condition although still horrid, is now so much more manageable and far less damaging.

I sometimes wonder how different this forum may look in another 10 years time.....fewer and fewer people with any lasting damage at all, hopefully even better drugs, maybe even a cure!

Take care and good luck xx


All i can add to the two before me is,ra tends to go into remission while pregnant and i hope it will be for you.xxxx


Hi There,

Hope this reply will help. I've had inflammatory arthtitis since 19 years old. Very mild fortunately and only in one joint. I was very blessed to have my son in 2012. Just before I became pregnant with him my flareup's were starting to get worse and I was contemplating methotrexate. When I became pregnant my arthritis went well and truly into remission. I experienced no pain apart from where I has joint damage which I could core with very well. My son had growth scans throughout the pregnancy only for me to be told at 38 weeks that I could really do with going into labour as my baby was quite large. Harrison was born a very healthy 9lb 3oz and I went on to experience remission for another 3 months. I'm now on sulphasalazine and plaquil again I really should be thinking about methotrexate now but we want to try for or second baby soon. I've been told that because I went into remission with my last baby there is every chance I will again. Pregnancy is scary but it is amazing for giving women a break from arthtitis. The hormones that whizz around or bodies relax ours immune systems and therefore stop flare ups. I know some women dont get this relief but most do. I'm so pleased to hear that natural remedies are helping. I'm going to buy myself some tumeric capsules now :-) . I also take a calcium supplement and fish oil. I'm going to back on flaxseed oil too as that has worked really well for me in the past. I hope my experience has given you some encouragement and hope you have exciting news to tell very soon. lot's of love xxx


Hello I had my little girl 3 1/2 yrs ago and my RA was very uncontrolled but never once affected her she was fine when she finally come I have heard RA goes into remission it's like 1 1,000 that it doesn't and sadly for me mine didn't at 6mnths it affected me not my baby badly I was on crutches as also had SPD so I spent the last 4 months in a lot of pain but my baby was fine and now me and my husband are trying for another I have been off all my meds now nearly 6mnths so we can start trying soon for another and I'm hoping fingers crossed this pregnancy goes a lot better for me than my first but I no my baby will be fine as had a bad one with my little girl and she is fine. I hope this helps you when you start trying your baby will be fine and the RA will probs go into remission best of luck for you but I no how your feeling I may only be 27 but been there already good luck and hope it happens quick for you x took me 3 yrs to get my baby girl due to other health problems xx


Can I ask what other problems u had if u don't mind Charhunt?

I too have a daughter who is 3 & the pregnancy was fantastic, no drugs, total remission. I had quite a flareup afterwards though and had to go back to MTX and its taken a while for all to get stable again enough for me to stop the MTX and try for the 2nd. Only this time I am gutted that I have PCOS and not having periods. I have just started some medication to help with this & im gutted as the longer Im off MTX the more chance I have of another flare. I did have have a flare since off the MTX already and had to get it under control with steroid injections and I cant help think that this has had something to do with my periods stopping. ....

So I was just curious as to what other health issues u have and whether its anything similar?

Best wishes to u Lubash. U will feel great during pregnancy Im sure of it. Xx


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